Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Has it really been a year?

Has it really been a year since my last post?  Well just squeaking in under the one year date I guess, but would have been had I just procrastinated a couple more days.  I don't know where this year has gone, is it just me or do they seem to just fly by so much faster as we get a bit older?  It probably helps too that I've been trying to cram so much into it.

Most of my time this past year seems to have been spent at work (we've had a ton of turnover and so a lot more work to be done by fewer people), but finally it seems to be settling down.  With all the turnover we've had, I ended up with a new boss too, but really lucked out as she's great.  So nice to have a good group to work with and for, makes work (even when stressed) so much more enjoyable.  Part of the extra work though was I needed to get as much done ahead as I could, so that I could take time off to visit my new granddaughter Riley, and then I'd be super busy when I got back trying to catch up on work again.  I was able to get out to visit Amber, Jeff, and Riley 4 times last year, and they met up with us for Thanksgiving.  I feel truly blessed to be able to see them that much.

Riley was born last May, so she's coming up on a year old.  She's already walking, and has learned how to climb up on things (like the coffee table and couch), unfortunately she doesn't yet know how to get down.  She's turning into a delightful handful :)  So here's my little sweetie

I can't wait till I can get out to see her again, she seems to grow so fast.  Thank goodness for FaceTime.  She may not remember me as a "full" body person when I come, but my face and voice should be familiar as I talk to her at least once, if not more times, a week.

I have made some good progress on her birth sampler (promised to have it done before she turns 2) and am loving how it is looking.  Still have the back stitching to do on Tigger (so he'll really pop), and the lower section is where I'm starting Piglet.  Other corner will by Eeyore, and then two little bees and Riley's name and date in the middle.  The material is 32 ct. pink lemonade, a lovely light sparkly pink, unfortunately couldn't get it to show up very well in the photo (it looks pretty washed out).
My other project has been a StoryKeep by HAED, Forest Walk by Anne Stokes.  Finally finished enough for his face to start to show.  He's on 16 ct. antique white aida.
I'm wondering how long after my dragon is finished and framed I'll actually be able to keep him, LOL.  My last dragon finish, my daughter loved so much it went to live at her house.  She and Jeff are huge fantasy/SciFi fans, and so dragons appeal to them :)  At least I know my pieces go to where they'll be appreciated.

Not much else going on, finished several more cat mats for the local animal shelter, read several books, went to multiple local plays, started watching the series Dr. Who, along with the other more mundane aspects of life.    Tempted to do another new start, there are several calling to me, but think I need to behave and focus on finishing Riley's sampler and my current dragon, as still have the Flower Dragon piece hanging out that needs finishing too.  So many lovely stitchy projects so little time.