Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Floss haul and Baby Sampler :)

JoAnn's had a 30% off your entire purchase today, so I stocked up on flosses. I picked up the ones I needed for the baby sampler I'll be doing, as well as the ones for Maleficent by HAED (although she's been subsequently renamed on there as the Evil Queen).  All together over 100 skeins, so timing it to when they had a sale was a necessity.  They each ring up separately, so the final receipt was longer than I am tall (so over 5'2") when I held it up, LOL. Thankfully the lady was quite friendly and didn't seem to mind ringing them all through.  

Maleficent that I want to stitch is in an earlier post, but here is the baby sampler I'll be doing that my DD picked out.
They love Disney and Pooh, Eeyore, and the gang, and are thinking of a 100 acre wood theme, so this will be perfect, and I love the little characters, so will be bright and fun to work on as well.

I have made some headway on my camp project as well, and have 2 of the 4 sides done now.  Once I finish the third and fourth side just have the outline stitching to do around the outside of the whole area.

I still like the colors I picked, so am good with that.  However, I one of those people that likes my work to be balanced, and so unfortunately on the outside edge the gap that shows on the right sides of each outside piece, where there is no letter to offset the one on the left side of the outside section, is bugging me.  I know that's the design, but it doesn't look finished to me.  Since I don't know exactly how it will be finished finished in class, it's possible that something will go there later, but if not, I know down the road it will bug me each time I see it.  I'm thinking to find four small charms or buttons I can stitch in those spots, that way if it does need to be empty for a reason I can take them back off fairly easily, and it they were going to be just blank (since not everyone needs things balanced) I'll be all set and not have problems with it.  I'd thought about stitching a small motif in each, but if they do need to be blank for a reason, didn't want to have to worry about taking class time to take stitched motifs out in a hurry.  Now just need to figure out what type of charm/buttons I'd like to use.  Hope you're all staying warm  this winter, it sure has been a cold one.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

New start

Not much going on at the moment, watching some of the snow melt that we've gotten (the last pass through dropped a little over a foot on us) and wishing winter would hurry up and be over.  We're looking at possible freezing drizzle later today, ugh, that will make things really messy.

I'm about half done with the new cat mat I'm crocheting, a lovely deep burgundy color, and I've gotten quite a good start on a new project that I'll be taking to a stitching retreat later this year.  The original design suggested a couple different color combinations that could be used, but said we could pick what ever appealed to us to actually stitch it in.  The stitching needs to be done before we go, as we'll be learning a finishing technique while we're there.  Not sure what it will be finished into, but I'm really enjoying the colors I picked.
The alphabet I just started will continue around the block, and then there will be more of the motif again on the outside of the lettering, using the variegated blues again.  I originally thought of using a solid really dark blue for the letters, but that seemed to get lost.  I'll see how I like the purple once it's all done.  If don't like the contrast, the lettering will be easy enough to pull out and use another color for later.  Variegated flosses are so fun to use, love how you can just thread up your needle and go, no constant switching of colors, perfect for working on at the end of the day when you're a bit tired and don't want to concentrate to hard.

We'll off to catch up with all of you, hope you're all staying warm :)