Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lots of updates

Well, time for my monthly update, and lots of updates today : )

Seems like I've a lot of projects going at the moment, can't remember the last time I had quite this many at once.  However, with my main focus now being the baby sampler for my upcoming first grandchild, most will probably be on hold for a while.

First up is the completed camp piece.  I ended up having to take the charms off, as where they would have been positioned is the bottom of what turned out to be a box/pillow.  Even if I stand it on end you don't really see the charms anymore anyway, so removed them and I'll save them for a future project.
Here's my finished pincushion/pillow from a couple of angles.

It was a fun way to finish something, and I learned a lot.  The class came with a future project to do that would finish into a self standing tray that looked like a lot of fun to do as well, I can picture using the finishing technique and doing it with various holiday designs.  It was also fun seeing all the different color combinations people came up with.  Here are the various ones people made, don't you love all the colors and various sizes from different fabrics that we all came up with?

Camp was a blast, love getting with other stitchers and seeing what everyone is working on, as well as doing nothing but stitching for a whole weekend. While I was at camp I started a new projects to work on when it's late and my eyes are a bit tired, which table toppers are perfect for.  Love the colors in this, although my picture didn't turn out the best, it's lovely greens and purples.
 This is what it will look like when finished.
I've also gotten a nice bit done on my flower dragons, I'll be working on his body pretty soon :)
I still love the blues in this, and the way they pop on the gorgeous yellow fabric that my daughter picked out.  Fair amount of confetti though, so doesn't move as quick as I'd like sometimes.

The other project I started and almost have finished is a purple cat mat.  These are what I work on when I'm so brain dead in the evening I can't even seem to count.  My local animal shelter uses these, people make them in all different colors and yarns (knit, crochet, weaving) and some quilted ones of fleece are also donated.  They look so bright and colorful in the kitties cages and give them something warm, cosy, and soft to lay on.
I'm a little over half done, then I'll drop this off with the others I've made.

My final piece to show is my Pooh baby sampler I started.  It took a bit to get with my daughter and her husband and decide on fabric and such, but they picked one I think will be lovely.  It's a light variegated pink with shadings in white and just a touch of yellow undertones that warms it up a bit, there is a bit of sparkle in it too.  It's 32 ct. Pink Lemonade.  I'm starting in the upper left, so Pooh will be the first to show up.

No matter how I tried I couldn't get a good shot of the coloring today, so hopefully the next post will allow the fabric coloring to show off better, this just looks so washed out for some reason.  This is what my focus piece will be for awhile, as Amber's due date is May 5th, so not a lot of time.  Here's a picture of my Daughter and her Husband Jeff visiting their new niece Alexis.  It will be a lot of fun for the two cousins to be so close in age.   
Amber has another friend that had a baby a little over a month ago, and one that had one about 5 months ago, so she's got lots of friends she can call up for advice and just to talk to that all have babies around the same age.  I think the two will make great parents, can't wait to meet my granddaughter in the near future.

Well I'm off to try and catch up on what all you've been up to.  Getting warm and sunny here, finally after a really cold winter, hope you're all enjoying good weather too.