Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lots of leaves, and a little stitching

Seems like I'm spending more time dealing with leaves and fall yard clean up than I'd really like to, can't believe all the leaves that have suddenly decided to drop.  I try to mow/mulch them up as much as I can, but seems they've came down way to heavy and fast to keep up with lately.  Last week there were 13 of the lawn leaf bags that I had set out for pick up, and this week looks like there will be that many again.  I just don't know where they all come from, it didn't look like there were that many on the trees around me to fall off and need clean up.

On the plus side, it looks like it "might" be nice for Halloween.  So many of our Halloweens are nasty, cold, rainy, and/or snowy even, that the few rare ones we get that are nice are quite the surprise.  So much more fun to see the little ones all dressed up, and not have the costumes all covered up with winter wear, more fun for them, their parents, and for everyone else.  Recently I was up by Frankenmuth and stopped into Bronner's, I love seeing all the fun Christmas and other decorations they have.  Was just looking around, and this little beauty jumped into my hands and came home with me
I love Jim Shores work, and this little "nice" witch with her bird and cat I thought was so cute.  A nice addition to other three pieces I have of his (a small black Halloween Cat, a larger marmalade Halloween Cat, and Disney's Stitch).  Since I had a 20% off coupon I could use for her, just couldn't pass it up.

There has been a bit more stitching on my SAL with Kim, getting close to a finish on this.  This really has been a fun stitch.
We haven't decided what our next SAL will be, kind of a mystery one I think.  We are both going to pick several designs that we already have that are really calling to us, and then compare them.  We tend to have very similar tastes, so we may find we've both picked a same pattern, or it may be a them, such as Christmas, or Halloween, or a Designer that we overlap on (we both love Just Nan, Lizzie Kate, and Blue Ribbon designs and have lots of their patterns).  Will be interesting to see where the overlap occurs and what our next SAL is.  We are timing it for a late Nov. start, as that will give us both time to finish our current LK piece, sort through our stash and get our list of items we want to submit for the SAL, and give Kim time (hopefully) to finish her move to NC.    I'm sure going to miss having her so close.

Well I'm off to rake some more leaves since it is soooo nice out today, and will be visiting blogs later to see what all you're up to.  Hope you're having delightful weather too.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Summer's almost gone

Where has this summer gone, it's just flown by.  I was out mowing the other day and it seems I'm starting to get more leaves now than grass, UGH!!!! I don't want winter, our last one seemed to last forever, and summer barely seemed to warm up and now it's on the way out.

I spent a wonderful week in Conn. recently visiting my daughter and her husband and seeing their new place. While there we went to the big Expo that was in Mass, just across the border from where they are in Conn., as well as got to see some of the huge ESPN campus where he works and went to an orchard and picked apples and peaches, the weather was wonderful.  Also went to the Cheesecake factory.  I'd never been to one, closest I'd come is all the references in the Big Bang Theory when Penny is working (I LOVE that show, soooo funny).  We had a delicious dinner and then I finished with a vanilla bean cheesecake slice, sooooooooo yummy, I could eat that every day I fear if I lived closer to one to be able to get it, guess it's probably good that I don't, LOL.

As to being creative, I've finished another cute cat mat for the animal shelter and made a bit of headway on the SAL I'm doing with my DSIL Kim.
I'm really enjoying this one, and love the saying on it, pretty much believe in yourself, you're capable of a lot more than you think you are, which is something I really have trouble with sometimes.  The colors are so soft and restful to work on in the evening, and the fabric even though a 32 count has been surprisingly easy for me to see and work with.  My earlier finish of Literate Dragon has a new home, it grew feet when my daughter was here for a while getting her stuff together and traveled with her to Conn.  She has it on the wall next to one of her large bookcases of books, a pretty appropriate placement for it.  While I hated to see it go, I know it went somewhere it would be appreciated, and it made a unique housewarming piece for their walls :)  Now I'll have to figure out something new to do for myself.  There are so many lovely HAED pieces that I just can't decide on one.  Oh well, at some point one will finally call louder than the others and that one will get started.  With as long as they take to do, I want to make sure I pick one that I'll really love as it will be a WIP for quite a while.

For a closing I'll leave you with a picture of my little trouble maker, whose not so little anymore, LOL.  Mouse is a year now, and quite a bit bigger.  Here she is saying hello and thinking about getting up to help if I'm going to stitch (she's such a help, got to love the addition of all the specialty fiber in my projects).  If you scroll back aways you'll see how much more she fills out the climbing tree shelf now, she's turned into quite a big kitty :)