Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Tiny finish

Not a lot to show really this time, but it did seem to take me forever to finish it.  Backstitch just isn't my thing, I tend to procrastinate forever on finishing a piece that has it.  However, with my earlier finish of Promise Me, my smaller piece I'd been working on at the same time only had that left, and since was a Christmas piece, if I finished it I still could get it "finish" finished and be able to display for Christmas of this year.  So, I buckled down and got all the back stitching done.  

The back stitching really does make it pop, especially the leaves and berries and such, and when I'm done I like the effect, just don't like doing it.  Now to just sew on the little star charm and decide if I want to do as a little pillow, flat fold, or find a little plain frame at Michaels and decorate it myself (which could be kind of fun).

This is Joy Bird from Hinzeit's Charmed Choice series, it was done on 28 ct Antique White Monaco with regular DMC.

The other little piece that I had out and only put a few stitches in earlier that I'd been working on along with Promise me was a small Pine Mountain tuck pillow, I love those, so easy to totally finish when done stitching as you just pop it  into the pillow that comes with the kit.  Anyway, here is what I have so far on a the little Mouse Naughty, I think he's going to be adorable with the coal in his stocking when he's finished, and he should be done well in time to put out for Christmas this year as well. (he'll look much better once I get his eyes, nose, and whiskers in).

Hope you're all doing well, no snow here yet, although they've said we may get a bit, ugh!!! Oh well, at least it shouldn't stick.  I'm so not looking forward to winter coming, wish could just bypass it entirely.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Finish :)

Had a fun day yesterday, went to visit Kim for the day and helped her box up some more of her stuff for her upcoming move to N. Carolina.  Seems odd to see their house so empty.  A lot of the stuff has already gone when my brother moved the first group down to NC to the new house they have there.  Kim has the remainder here while she was winding up things and my nephew was finishing his senior year (so he wouldn't have to do his senior year at a new school in NC, this way he could finish with his friends).  You don't realize how much stuff you really have squirreled away till you have to pack and move it all.

In the process we both got thinking of our various WIP's that we have, some of them (at least in my case) quite a bit older.  At this point looks like our SAL will turn out to be a WIP SAL.  Each week we'll pick a WIP to work on, and then post our progress.  This way we'll make progress on some of our older items, hopefully get some of them finished, and have a nice selection to work on depending on if we want something more detailed or more along the lines of a no brainer for the evening.  Should be fun to seeing the various WIP's as they come out of hiding to see the light of day.  Been a while since I've really organized my stash, so not really sure how many WIP's (or UFO's ) I have hiding, but will be fun digging them out.  Hmmmm where to start :)

Anyway, one item that won't be in my grouping of projects for our WIP SAL is Promise Me, by Lizzie Kate

Just finished it and actually got it pressed for a picture.  This was done on 32 ct. Chantilly Creme by Lakeside Linens.  It actually has a bit more pinkish undertones to it in real life (looks more brownish here), but I don't seem to be able to get a picture to show that.  I only used two of the recommended colors, switching the rest out for overdyes I had on hand.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out, and at this point am thinking of having it made into a pillow.

We'll I'm off to deal with more leaves and other chores for the day.  At least it looks like will be a beautiful day today, bit on the chilly side, but the sun is out and not having any of the high winds or rain that we have been.  Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.