Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dragon update and my new stash

Hmm, you may get bored with dragon updates, but at the moment that's pretty much been my focus.  I'm still having such fun stitching him and watching all the details start to develop.  He even seems to have a name now, Hobson, or Hobbs for short.  Yup, for you fellow Arthur fans out there that's were the name came from, somehow I can just see him as Hobson in the evening reading with that dignified look.  So, here's where he is now after about 3 weeks of stitching I'm about 1/2 way through the page

I'm even getting a bit better with figuring out how to work with the downloaded file and being to select sections of the pattern to enlarge and print out.   Just picked up another one in a downloaded format to have (have others in hard copy I got before was brave enough to try the downloads), although won't start for a while, having two HAED ones going at the same time would be a bit much for me. However, I do now have it in my stash, and I was brave and got it as a downloaded one.  I had no problem downloading it and printing it, plus have it safely saved on my computer and backed up, downloaded versions are much less expensive than the hard copies, which is a lovely bonus.  This is Shiver Meow Timbers, isn't it adorable?  Looks just like my cat Isis, and has her attitude, LOL.

Well that's all for now, off to see what all you've been up to :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dragons and Frogs :)

Got started on my new SAL project with the Heaven and Earth Designs Board. Litereate Dragon is turning out to be such fun to stitch I have a hard time putting it down. Here's where he is after about 3 weeks of work (started on the 4th). You can just see where the chair and dragon are starting to appear.
I don't know why I never tried one of these before, they are actually easier (although not smaller, LOL) than several that I've done. There are no fractional stitches, no blended threads, and no backstitching, that alone makes things simpler. The charts are laid our clearly and while there is a fair amount of confetti stitching (needed to get the detail) it hasn't been overwhelming. I am looking forward to starting the chair and dragon though as that area will have more sections of solid stitching. This is also the first design I've worked from where the pattern is downloaded. I was leary of that at first as well, but now seem to have it figured out and quite like it. The pages can be blown up so the print is larger if I want when I print it out. I'm eyeing a couple others now that I'd like to get, but figure I'll be good for a while and make sure I continue to enjoy this as much as I am now. It is such fun to see the details start to pop out. If you look to close, all you see it colors, but when you back up it turns into images, pretty neat :)

As a balance so have somethinq quick to pick up if want a smaller item I've stated another Pine Mountain Tuck Pillow called Bugs and Hisses (I do seem to be into a green citter mode don't I, LOL). It could be Halloween, but doesn't have to be. You can see the little frog's tummy and body starting to show.
Hope you're all staying warm, we've a cold front moving in and our previous high temps of 35 or so are going to be just a memory according to the forecast. Oh well, it is getting a ways into January and we've been quite lucky with winter weather so far so really can't complain.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, hope it's starting out well for everyone so far. I had a lovely evening with friends,dinner out (Chinese, very yummy) and then playing games (Farkel and Kings on the Corner).  However, was still home before midnight (just don't stay up that late any longer). Which actually worked out very well as I was able to catch up with my daughter and wish her Happy New Year.  Some of you may remember Amber works for the circus.  Originally she was with Ringling Brothers, but then she moved to Cirque du Soleil, she's with their Kooza touring group.   Last year she rang in the New year with them in Japan, this year they are in London getting ready to do the show in the Royal Albert Hall.  Hopefully their European tour (her husband works in the Kooza group too) is a little less stressful than the Japan tour was.  They were over in Japan,Tokyo, when the earthquake and tsunami hit so very stressful for a while there. They got married this past May, so this is the first New Year's as a married couple, what a way to kick off a year, fireworks over Big Ben :)

I did manage to sneak in one more project for 2012, a little Pine Mountain Tuck Pillow (surprise, I'm back to Halloween, LOL).  These are such fun as the finishing is sooooo easy. 
I haven't started the Literate Dragon yet, so nothing to show.  This is a year long SAL sponsored by the  Heaven and Earth Bulletin Board, with the pages coming out over the year.  The first page is to come Jan. 4th, so next weekend I'll put in my first stitches.  I have the fabric and flosses, so all set to start.  Lynn, as to if there is a blog to follow or just on the board, I'm not aware of a blog set up for everyone working on it, although it may show up on individual peoples posts.  There will be a ton of pictures on the board, which is a great source of information for a lot of things if you haven't joined it.  Thanks for the encouragement Dani, I'm hoping I have a plan in place to approach it, and being just full stitches should help, just the confetti stitching and the sure size of it since it is all solid stitching seems a bit intimidating.  However, as with a lot of things anticipation is probably the worst, once I start it should be ok.  Picture updates soon :)