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Sunday, July 21, 2013

I'm back :)

We'll I'm back, it's been a while but sometimes life seems to get in the way.  I had great intentions to keep up with the blogging and stitching but it seems my appendix had other ideas and rather unexpectedly decided it was going to act up.  Needless to say I ended up having it taken out, and due to a couple complications ended up not being able to have the new smaller lathroscopic surgery but the older more extended extraction.  After spending a couple days in the hospital, it still took a while before I was able to sit comfortably for long enough to stitch.  Once I could sit for a while I was back at work, and then pretty wasted when I got home.  Then while I was recovering from that, our area was hit with a ton of rain, and many areas had flooding.  While I was fortunate and didn't end up with the several inches (or feet) of standing water many had I still had enough water that it totally soaked the carpet in the basement.  It is amazing how fast and how bad a  20+ year old soaked carpet can smell (it had been in the basement and survived kids, dogs, cats, and who knows what else as it was there when I moved in) it was enough to make you gag.  I was lucky enough to find some guys to get it out of the basement (as most of the people who do that work were totally booked up and couldn't help) and was really lucky that the carpet was all I lost.  Everything else in the basement was either on shelves or in plastic bins.  So... the carpet is out, but the basement is still in a total uproar as everything had to be moved to the other side and piled up to get the carpet out.  It is slowly getting rearranged again, but figured as long as I had to move it all again, might as well sort through it and get rid of what we didn't really need any more.  Can't put it all back yet anyway, as one corner is going to have some waterproofing work to hopefully prevent it from happening again, but at least the basement is dry at the moment.  Some people in my area are still dealing with wet basements and damage from all the rains, so I really was lucky.

Anyway, that all kind of got me off track for a while, but I did get some stitching in to show off.  First, here is my finished and framed Goblins by Shephards Bush.  Picture is not the best, reflection on the glass and a bit of a yellow hue, but not to terribly bad.  Hardest part was trying to work with the mat.  The custom mat that came with the kit is beautiful, but not a standard size.  In looking around I found a precut mat in a complementary color that would fit a standard frame, so got that, cut out the middle, and then layered the custom mat onto it and used that to frame it.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out.
 Next up is my update of my silk gauze piece Good Morning which I'm doing as a SAL with my DSIL Kim (she's not doing the same design, but is doing a silk gauze piece).  I just have the fill in of the cream color left, and two rows of cream to do around the outside edges.  This is going to be a Christmas present, so I'm please that it looks like it should be done in plenty of time to get it framed and all without having to rush.  Forgot to add the dime to it for perspective on how small it is, but you can see in the previous post that just one of the roosters is about the size of a dime, so it is tiny :)
Now here's my new start, Oh Bats! by I Lov Moo.  This has been in my stash for quite a while and I'm loving it.  It's a nice balance to the tiny stitching on the silk gauze and all the confetti in my Dragon piece.  With large blocks of colors, and using overdyes so don't have to change flosses much, he's flying along.  Don't know how I'll finish him off yet when he's done, but I'm thinking maybe a flatfold.
 Here's what he'll look like when he's all finished.
 Finally here's what Literate Dragon looks like, my SAL with the HAED group.  I'm loving him, even with all the confetti, he's totally worth it.  I'm almost done with the second page of the design, and then just have two more pages to do, but they aren't quite as large as the first two.  I think he's maybe a little under 2/3'rd done.

Well that's it for now, off to see what all you've been up to.


  • At 5:50 PM , Blogger Dee said...

    Great projects all! But, loving Halloween the way I do, Goblins and OH Bats! really caught my eye.

    Glad you are feeling better after your surgery, but sad that you had some water damage. We got flooded after Hurricane Charley (our roof gave out) and you are right, things start to smell bad VERY quickly.

    Hope you can all set to right very soon.

  • At 9:29 AM , Blogger Julie said...

    A stunning SB finish, so very pretty. Lots of work gone into the HAED

  • At 2:30 PM , Blogger Meari said...

    Welcome back. Glad you're on the road to recovery.

    I keep all my things in the basement on plastic pallets or in plastic bins, too. I wish I could waterproof my basement, but the house to much too old and it would cost more than I would want to spend. It only gets wet when it rains a lot for extended periods of time. The rest of the time, it's dry and I have two dehumidifiers down there.

    Your Shepherds Bush piece of beautifully framed. WIPs look good.

  • At 3:07 PM , Blogger Scattered Threads said...

    Good day darling! I am so sorry to read of your mishaps and I am glad you are beyond it now and keeping well since then.
    It looks you are making much progress on all your pieces and the Shepherd's Bush piece is darling.
    I read somewhere, if you take a picture with glass, try taking the picture at an angle, that way you don't get as much glare. Either you go at an angle or turn the framed piece at angle slightly. Try it and see if that will work.
    Thanks for stopping by OK? Take care of yourself.
    Jackie: )

  • At 6:24 AM , Blogger Karen said...

    Welcome back to blogland! Love the SB piece and your HAED looks gorgeous! The HAED is so bright and cheerful. :)

  • At 8:59 PM , Blogger Lynn said...

    Sounds like you've had a lot on your plate!! Glad you are doing better. Sorry for the water damage, we've had that happen to a car of ours and yes it can go bad very quickly!

    Love all the projects you've got going on!!! And glad you are back!!

  • At 4:40 AM , Blogger Lillie said...

    So glad that you was not badly affected by the flood and recovery well from the surgery.

    SB and the frame is gorgeous. Beautiful ongoing projects.
    Take care!

  • At 9:46 PM , Blogger Sharon said...

    Oh my goodness, you have had a lot going on. Glad you are feeling better now. Love the SB finish and framing and your dragon looks awesome!

  • At 11:18 AM , Blogger Scattered Threads said...

    Hey darling! Is everything ok your way?


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