Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Look who I found :)

I finally found a cute little Gargoyle of my own. Dee has had one for quite some time that she uses to help model projects and I thought he was so cute that I've been in search of one. This little guy turned up at a flea market I was at and so I snatched him up. Haven't decided on a name yet, but I'm leaning towards Claude. What do you all think? Other name suggestions?

So, without further delay I've put him to work helping me show off my most recent finish (doesn't the look on his face make you think he's just feeling so put upon, LOL). Yup, another Pine Mountain pillow. When I get in a stitching slump these really help get me back on track, fun, quick, and the finishing is already done. I enjoyed doing July, and the one before Whoo Loves You,

Just started another one Upon on the Housetop and have gotten a little bit of stitching started on it, but as is only about 20 stitches of the white I'll wait and post that later.

It's been a busy week, I had two days off and did some fun sightseeing. The first day we went to Chelsea and toured the Jiffy factory seeing how they make and package their mixes (and got some goodies to take home). I went with my parents and we also went to a Teddy Bear Factory and saw them made and learned some of the history of Teddy Bears, also went shopping at all the fun shops in town, had a lovely lunch, and then finished the day with a play at the Purple Rose. We saw Boeing Boeing, cute play. It's based on an old movie with Tony Curtis and Jerry Lewis. I hadn't seen the movie before so I got it out of the library and watched it this week too. The second day was spent wandering around Frankenmuth, lots of good food and fun shopping again. Then today we had a family reunion at a local park. Finally squeezed in seeing the new movie Despicable Me this week too. Busy week, now I need to catch up on all the boring things like laundry and grocery shopping that have been put off before the next week starts.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Couple of finishes

Yup, I've actually got a couple to post, although two are crochet and only one stitching. First up is my completed Whoo Loves You. I really enjoyed doing this little Pine Mountain kit, the colors and design were such fun. This was a Father's day gift to my dad. It seems so hard to find stitched designs for a guy that don't come off as two feminine, and I thought this one worked great. The pillow design he can prop up pretty much anywhere too.

My two crochet finishes were both cat mats, 20x28, for the animal shelter. The once color way you're probably pretty used to by now. That yarn I found on sale seems to last forever. The one in the deep blues was a different yarn that I found, Serenity by Deborah Norville. It is a chunky weight and made for a lovely super squishy cat mat. While the other mats provide pretty colors and some cushion, this one being so thick I think will be great for an older cat who needs a bit more padding to lay on to be comfortable.

As to a new project, I haven't pulled one out yet to start after all. Instead I've spent a bit of time on Trick or Treat Mice. This poor project comes out periodically to be worked on (so far it is a ten year project). I don't know why it is taking so long, I really like it and think the design is just as cute as when I first started it. But somehow...... oh well, I'm sure you all have one of those projects that just doesn't seem to get time even though you still like it. I do need to find another small one to start though, as mice really isn't that easy to pick up and just work on in the spare minute.

For all my friends in the States, hope you're having a safe and enjoyable holiday. Tomorrow I'll be meeting up with my brother and his family for a visit, which means some stitching time with my DSIL too. :)