Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Time Warp?

Ever feel like you've been in a time warp? You look back over the last month or so and wonder where the time went? It past, but you can't quite put your finger on what you did or where it went? That's the way I feel a lot of the time lately I swear, I just don't know where the time goes until suddenly I look at something (like in this case my last blog post) and go OMG has that much time really passed, it seems just the other day. Anyway, I'm back, and hopefully I'll stay a little more in touch with time now. Although, in the summer with so much to do going on now that the weather is getting nicer it is hard to stay home and find some quiet time.

Work is going great, still liking what I'm doing and the people I'm working with. Since it has now been almost four months since I started I think it's going to be a good fit. I'm so happy to have found something I enjoy and that is so close to home.

Wildlife in our area is still the usual squirrels, rabbits, birds and such, but recently a visitor started coming around on a regular basis that I hadn't seen for a while, does this little guy look familiar? Not sure if he's one of the young ones that came last year or not, but he thinks he needs to raid my bird feeders most evenings. Sometimes after finishing at the one he'll climb up to the top of the garage and sit there looking around, take a bath for a bit, and then leave. He does make himself quite at home, and as you can see he's fairly brave with letting me get close enough for a picture (although the flash did make his eyes go all glowing and weird, poor little guy I'll bet he didn't appreciate that).

This week I got a wonderful present from Felicity from an earlier drawing that she had that I was a very lucky winner of, look at these great goodies that came in my mailbox.
I think my favorite is the Eat Sleep Stitch one, I really must make more time for stitching. I seem to have been in a bit of a dry spell on stitching lately and it shows, I'm much more mellow when I stitch. I sat and stitched for a bit yesterday evening and I can't believe how much better I felt afterwards. Of course I was watching (and singing along to, as with the music you just can't help it) Mamma Mia, that is such a fun movie. Thank you so much Felicity for the lovely package.

While not done, I'm almost there on Up on the Woof Top, just a couple words and stringing the lights on the dog house to go.
Finally I'll leave you with a picture of two of my tired out furbabies, not sure what they'd been up to, but they both just crashed and stayed that way long enough for me to actually get a picture for a change. Bug (cat) and Jaz quite often nap together, many times even closer than they are in this shot as Bug will put his little paws up around Jaz's muzzle and snuggle under her chin, who says cats and dogs don't get along, LOL.

We'll I'm off to visit blogs (after I go get the lawn mowed, it's turning into a jungle in our warmer rainy weather, ugh!). Thanks to all who are still visiting my blog with the sporadic way I've been posting, I really do appreciate you and your comments and enjoy keeping up with what you're doing.