Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Little of this and a little of that

Not much going on, still pretty busy at work trying to organize things and wind things down so they can transfer stuff to the new office in Chicago. My last day is still targeted for mid Nov., so have about two months left.

With everything going on, not very much stitching happening. However, in the short periods of time I've had available I've managed to finish another cat mat. I also have another mat almost done, but I'll post that one later when it is finished (hopefully I'll have some stitching progress to go with it).

I really like the colors In the mat I just finished, I think it would make a lovely scarf. However, the yarn is a bit scratchy (it was Red Heart's Super Saver), so would want it in a different fiber for a scarf, something softer.

Also, it just occurred to me I didn't post some lovely stitchy stash I got for my birthday earlier from my DSIL Kim. She got me Halloween House by Shepherd's Bush, along with the buttons and DMC that it uses. I'd been eyeing this one since it came out, it will make a fun companion piece to go with Goblins. Now I have to decide if I want to work on this one first or Goblins first if we do a Shepherd's Bush SAL this fall. We've also been looking at a couple Just Nan ones for our next SAL too, so I'll have to wait and see which way we go.

Kim just finished her Red Thread piece by Bent Creek (it turned out lovely so you should hop over to her blog and check it out, link in previous paragraph). We'll be starting our next SAL in Nov., so we need to decide by then what we'll pick to work on so we can be ready to start. So far our SAL's have worked great at keeping us motivated, and we've finished two larger designs this year that might not have made it otherwise (actually probably wouldn't have made it without us pushing each other to stay focused).

The other new bit of fun I got was Jim Shore's Cat in a Witches Hat isn't it great? I love his hat and the bird sitting on his tail. The picture is a bit washed out in color, the table topper he's on and his base and hat are more purple in real life. I've admired his pieces for a while but didn't have one. We went to Frankenmuth this past weekend, and in Bronner's there was a display of Jim Shore's pieces. I just couldn't pass up this little guy, even if he wasn't a Christmas piece. :)
I have him on an end table now where I have the table topper you see pictured with him that I made a couple years back. The purples in the topper and the purples in the cat's hat and base go great together. I was really tempted to pick up this little Leprechaun piece too, but figured I'd better save him for another time, he's a cutie though. Here's wishing you all the blessing he's saying