Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets

Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Stitches

Well, not really the first, but the first in about 10 years. I finally did some work on a UFO that I last worked on about 10 years ago. Back in March of either '98 or '99 I started Trick or Treat Mice. It was back before I had even thought about working on anything except aida. While the black aida was a bit more difficult to work on than the lighter colors I'd used, it didn't seem to bad. However, after working on it for several hours a day a couple days in a row (I was at a retreat, so had three days of uninterrupted stitching time, so it was getting around 10+ hours each of the first two days), I started to get a headache.

Instead of switching projects, I kept going. By the time I put it down I had such a nasty headache I was quite nauseous, and then I still had the drive home, not a good arrangement at all. After that, every time I went to pick it up, I found I just didn't want to work on it. I'd think about working on it off and on over the years, but never got myself to actually do it, I'd always switch to another project. Last year, I set working on this as one of my goals. While I didn't actually stitch on it, I did at least get it off the old heavy scroll bars it was on and put onto some smaller lighter Q snaps (which I much prefer working with and I didn't know about back when I started Mice).

Three weeks ago I decided I'd make myself do at least a few stitches, and I gave it about an hour. Since then, while I've not given it a lot of time, I have worked on it a bit more. I still find I have to push myself to pick it up, but once I start working on it I enjoy it. Hopefully after a while I won't have to push so much to pick it up and work on it. So, here's where I am now (the coloring here is actually pretty close to what it looks like)
and here's where it was when I left it over 10 years ago (this is much more orange/red than it really is).
Not a lot of headway, but I think it can now qualify as a WIP again rather than a very old UFO. My goal is to give it at least a half hour to an hour each week.

In addition to Mice, I finished up the multicolor cat mat I was working on.
While you probably won't see a lot of Mice, as I don't imagine it will progress quickly, please give me a poke now and then if you don't see it at all. I'd really like to get it done, as the little guys are so cute. Here's what it will look like finished.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Couple of finishes

Yup, my needle's been fairly busy. Although, since they are a bit on the smaller side, it sounds more impressive than it really is. However, I'm pleased with my progress.

First up is my finished Ribbit. This was a SanMan Originals design and tuck hanger, done using DMC on 28ct. White Monaco.

Next up is Pretty Wicked by Just Nan. This came as a kit with the fun frame and mat. She's stitched on 30 ct. Peoria Purple linen again with DMC.

And finally, you saw the finish earlier, but now I have it framed, Six Bats and a Witches Hat by Blue Ribbon Designs on 32 ct. Lakeside Linen in Lentil, using DMC (if you click you can see the great marbling that the Lentil has).

And finally, I'll leave you with a picture of the little visitor that seems to come each evening to munch the grass. I love watching all the wildlife that decides to run around in the back (you'll probably need to click to enlarge to see the little guy in the center).

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Flowers and a new start

I almost never plant things, as a gardener I am not. Pretty much anything I try and grow dies. I've even managed to kill a Hosta, which according to a gardener friend of mine should pretty much have been impossible. However, earlier this spring my DM gave me a lovely planter, and so far I've managed to keep it alive, in fact I think it looks pretty darn good.
I've kept it outside by the side of my garage, so I get to enjoy it coming and going, and I can also see it from the kitchen window when I do dishes. Having it in view so much has also probably helped me remember to keep it watered, which may account for why it is still alive. So, with that brief momentary positive feeling, I decided to plant my flower box. I planted some marigolds there a number of years ago, and they actually didn't do to bad, so I decided to try it again. I couldn't find any marigold plants this time, so went with mums (in the front) and Angelonia (in the back) as they both said they liked a lot of sun. So far, so good, here is what I have.
The above picture was taken a couple weeks ago, and at the moment it doesn't look so hot. I forgot to deadhead the flowers, so I ended up with lots of dead blooms and the new ones couldn't bloom like they should. I got out yesterday and deadheaded them all, so hopefully I'll have lovely new blooms soon.

As to stitching, after finishing up Six Bats, I decided to go with something a bit smaller to get that lovely quick fix feeling. I started Ribbit, a small tuck design by SanMan Originals, which I'm doing on 28 ct white Monaco.
Isn't he a fun little guy? My other start was another cat mat, I'm loving the colors on this one.
We'll that's all I've got going on, other than trying to get used to a new haircut before work tomorrow. I went for a trim, but to a different stylist. And..... our ideas of a trim must be a bit different as it is a fair bit shorter than I'd planned on. Oh well, hair does grow doesn't it. Also, possibly it is just a bit of me having trouble with it looking different than I'd planned, I don't necessarily do change well.