Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets

Monday, March 23, 2009

Framing, a finish, progress, and a visitor

First up, the framing I actually stayed focused this past week and got my framing of Joyful Summer done. This is the frame I got for $10. It's wood, but not the normal brown tones, it has an underlying hint of a greenish/blue cast to it which I thought picked up the green and blue colors in the piece. I started looking at regular wood frames first, but they seemed to harsh next to the piece. It's now up and hanging and I smile when I pass it. Summer really does seem to be on its way, as lately the weather seems to be much improved. Fingers crossed it stays that way, however, it's early yet for Michigan so we still may get another burst of winter before spring is here to stay.

Next up is my new finish I did this for my daughter, I'm going to tuck it into her Easter card. She has a small stuffed mouse that travels all over with her, it's kind of her mascot. Checkers went to college with her, traveled to work at Disneyworld two summers, did an alternate break in the Florida everglades working with alligators, went all over Italy/Spain/France/England when she had a student exchange, and now goes all over the country with her on the circus train. Checkers is quite the well traveled mouse. So, I thought another little mouse would make a fun companion to hang on her wall. This was a flat tuck and design by SanMan Originals done on 28 ct. Monaco and quite fun to do.

I also got quite a bit done on Six Bats and a Witches Hat This piece is moving quite quickly. Of course it helped that I had quite a bit of uninterrupted time to work on it this weekend, since I was working on Cheese earlier in the week, but more on my weekend in a bit.

Finally, here's an update on the newest visitor to be captured for my wildlife in the city pictures.

Isn't he (she?) a cutie. Normally I don't care for possums, their tail is kind of nasty looking. However, I just thought he was so cute hanging out in the bush. When I first went out he was on the ground by my bird feeder, but when he saw me he scooted off into the bush and climbed up the fence. However, he must have felt safe in the bush, as he stayed there while I went in and got my camera and came back out. I was able to get within about 5 ft. of him, with him just looking at me. If I focus on his face, with his little pink nose, I do think he's kind of cute. Needless to say Jaz wanted to come out and say hi too, but I figured that might not go over to well, so Jaz had to stay inside until he finally ambled off (she was not to pleased with that).

As to my weekend, I got quite a bit of stitching in as I was at Camp Stitchalot this past weekend, which was hosted by Stitches n Things. I had a wonderful time, lots of chatting, munching, stitching, and laughs. I'll post some pictures of my lovely new stitchy stash later, as well as tell a little about all we did. In closing, thanks to all of you for your continued good wishes for Jaz. Her leg seems to be doing much better, the bump has gone down quite a bit. It still has to stay wrapped until it is totally gone, but it seems that with just a little more time she'll be back to normal with no more medicine or anything needed.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A finish, a visit, and some awards

Well it's done, and just in time for the start (hopefully) of some lovely spring like weather. I finished up Joyful Summer by Country Cottage Needleworks the other evening.

I loved working on this piece. The fabric color (blue is my favorite) and the fun and colorful birds and flowers made me smile. This was a perfect pick me up piece. The fabric is 28 ct Little Boy Blue linen and I used Crescent Colours (always lovely to work with) and DMC. Even the french knots in this worked well for me (and those usually I have a horrible time getting to look right). Yesterday I was over at JoAnns and found a frame I liked on sale for $10. It was one that had artwork in it, so I'll need to open it up and take the current picture out and then frame this up, but I think it will look good when done, and $10 for a nice frame is hard to beat.

Yesterday I spent the day at Kim's. It had been a while since we (my parents and I) had been able to visit my brother and his family, and since the weather was bright and sunny, everyone was well at the moment, and my brother is having his birthday this week we headed there for the day. We had a lovely visit, went out for pizza, and Kim and I got to stitch some. It is so nice having a SIL that I can not only count as a good friend but that also shares my love of stitching. We got to compare our progress on our BRD SAL that we are doing. While we'd seen the design and fabric we were going to use, we hadn't gotten together to see each others progress since we'd started. Luck is so cute in real life, I'll enjoy stitching it when we swap patterns. I also got to see several others of Kim's recent finishes, and got to show off Joyful Summer. A very fun day.

Recently I received two awards, the first is from Lizzie
Thanks Lizzy, it is such fun to have a place like blogger to show off our stitchy finishes, furbabies, and such. Now I am supposed to list my five addictions and also nominate five bloggers...

As for my addictions, only five hmmm that's a challenge
- My daughter, she's the light of my life and challenges me to try things that are out of my comfort zone. Also, she's the only one I can actually say has ran away and joined the circus, yup, she's the adventuresome type (she so does not take after me in that way).
- My furbabies, they're always so glad to see me no matter what, especially if I come bearing treats. :)
- My stitching, I love being able to see it grow, know I'm creating it, and it is my stress reliever and helps keep me sane in this crazy world
- My books, I love to read, and will read just about anything. It's a wonderful escape from everyday issues, and as with stitching keeps the stress at a lower level and me reasonably sane.
- My treats, Chocolate, Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper, and Chai tea or Mocha Cappuccinos, all so yummy (now if I could just get addicted to exercise to offset them a bit, LOL).

I'm supposed to name five others for this award, it is so hard to chose, I love all your blogs and would really give this to everyone. But lets see, to keep the award moving

  • Dee

  • Kim

  • Tammy

  • Meari

  • Carol

  • I also got this fun award from Judy Thanks, Judy, I love to get comments and so try to comment on others.

    Again, I need to pass this on to five other bloggers, all of whom I think have wonderful blogs to look at, as well as leaving such lovely comments. Again, it is so hard to pick out just a few. Really, if I visit your blogs I think you're all awesome.
  • Claudia

  • Lizzie

  • Ranae

  • Sue

  • Lynn

  • Well, it is bright and sunny so I'm off to do errands. While still cold (only about 40F), there is no snow and we've got beautiful sun. Spring may be on its way.

    Saturday, March 07, 2009

    Spring and hot pink accessories

    Ok, I'm just to impatient to wait for spring, I needed a spring fix and I needed it now. So, what to do you when you need spring and it's not here yet? You stitch it :)

    With that said, this week was my mother's birthday, she really enjoys gardening and always has such beautiful flowers and such. As part of her present I decided to make her this to hang by her back window where she can see a large section of her garden.

    It's a SanMan Originals design, and the little tuck to finish it with came with it. I used 28ct antique white Monaco and DMC. Monaco is such an easy fabric to stitch on, and so easy on the eyes. Other than a couple times, the frogs were quite kind and didn't bother me at all.

    After I finished Garden, I picked up Joyful Summer by CCN which kind of got put on hold when I was working so much on Six Bats.

    I love this design. Blue is my favorite color, so I love looking at it. In addition, the coloring and the little birds are such fun and so cute. As with Garden, so far the frogs have been kind on this one too, even the french knots for the eyes have gone well. I've just started putting in the last row on the bottom, so as you can see it just fits into the Q's. Only a couple leaves and a couple small flowers to go and I'll have another finish. Isn't this a great spring piece.

    On a final note, I'll leave you with a picture of Miss Jazmine, who seems to think her life is quite hard at the moment. We've been getting a bit of rain lately, which she doesn't like (think wicked witch of the west and an I'm melting scenario when she has to go out). If she had her way I'd go out with her and hold an umbrella for her each time. Water she likes, wade in it, splash, roll around and then come back in the house and shake (joy, wet dog smell). However, falling on her head, nope not in her idea of what is acceptable. In addition, she has a nasty lump on her leg with a sore in the middle. Off to the vets we went so it could be checked out. Not sure what caused it, but now that she has it she won't leave it alone. Not infected, so she doesn't need antibiotics (thankfully), but very itchy. So now we have topical cream for the itch and healing, and have to keep it wrapped so she leaves it alone.

    Doesn't the hot pink legging brighten things up? And this is the poor pitiful look she keeps giving me. Ignore the bit of paper on her lower lip, she'd just got through trying to get some goodies out of, or should I say through, a grocery bag when I wasn't looking, she's so helpful at times, and I didn't notice a piece had stuck until after the picture. Not sure why the coloring is so off in the picture, in reality the bandage is hot pink and the carpet beige, somehow everything ended up with a yellow cast. By the end of this if I'm not careful she'll have gained several pounds as she seems to think pitiful looks get cookies, and so far it's working (I'm such a pushover).