Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Half way there

I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since my last post. While I don't post as frequent as many, I do generally update once a week. However, life in general seems to be a bit overwhelming at times at the moment. This seems to be the case for many of us with everything going on given what seems to be in so many blogs. One of the things I'm thankful for is my stitching. It really does help me to destress at the end of the day. Somehow after an hour or so of stitching, other things seem to be a bit more manageable. Six bats has been such a perfect project, I don't think I could do a more complicated one at the moment. It is amazing the mistakes I seem to make on this, and how hard can it be to count a pattern in the little squares that are already laid out? Thankfully it is a very forgiving pattern.

This last week, while my counting wasn't off on one of the designs like in my previous post, I did manage to stitch a whole square and then noted I'd put it in the wrong square. Thankfully it wasn't a letter or number where it would really stand out, so I just stitched the one I was supposed to have stitched in the other square and called it even. So here is my progress so far I've gotten 43 of the 81 squares done. So although I haven't started the border yet, I figure I'm halfway done, not to bad for two months work. Kim and I are really keeping quite a similar pace on our SAL even without making a huge effort at doing so. Kim has about 40 squares and some of the border done on Luck, Letters, and Leprechauns too. While I took a short break to work on my earlier SanMan finish, Kim's spent a bit of time on Red Thread.

Some of my stress must have come through in my voice when we've talked or in my emails, as I got a lovely Stitching Break in a Box surprise from Kim the other day. My mailman delivered the best goodie package. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it before I got into it. I opened it up to a very cute card telling me to take a break, make some tea, put my feet up and stitch. Inside the box was some Chai tea (I love Chai), some Comfort and Joy tea, some biscotti, and the fabric, floss, and tuck pillow to make this wonderful little guy. So that's what I did
Didn't he stitch up cute? This is Portrait of a Dog by Brittercup Designs on 28ct Monaco. I did Portrait of a Cat (also a present from Kim) earlier. Kim made the tuck pillows for both of them for me too, I think she did a wonderful job on them. So now in my kitchen I can enjoy seeing this little fellow, as well as my earlier one of the cat Britty Kitty This is why we stitch, it's relaxing and seeing the fun things we make, makes us smile. Hope you all are able to have some relaxing stitching time as well.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

31 done, including the over 1

From 21 squares done to 31 done, not to bad on the progress. I've gotten it out to the right side and bottom edge (excluding the border that goes all around it) so instead of 60 squares left, I'm down to 50. While 81 squares in total sounds like a lot to do, many (like the letters and numbers) go quick, so it isn't as intimidating as it would be if they were all solid stitches. I've made a couple small counting errors in some of the squares. However, given they are all different and there are so many squares in total, for the most part I've left them. For example, the little black bird should have started down one more row from the top, so to fix it I just gave him longer legs. Trick or treat the r in treat was one off (doesn't match r in trick), but that is over 1 stitching. It was close enough for me, as I didn't notice till I was finishing the last t in treat, and frogging over one on 32 ct. unless it was major was just not going to happen. I love the look of over 1, but don't do it much as I have a hard time seeing it and keeping the threads from slipping under. Overall I was pretty pleased with how Trick or Treat turned out, so figured no one would ever really notice the difference with all the other squares and everything that is going on in the design.

Although we don't have a set time to work on our SAL, my DSIL and I are keeping pretty close in where we are at. Kim has about 29 squares done on her Luck, Letters, and Leprechauns and some of the border.

So how many of you have been following the new Nashville releases? What's on your wish list? I've decided I'll need It's Cold Outside from Blue Ribbon Designs (the little penguins are so cute) Polar Quakers from The Workbasket (the penguin in this is adorable too, hmm usually it's Halloween but I seem to have a penguin theme going this time) and Quaker Gone Tropic by Michelle Ink (I love the colors and fun motifs). I've already gotten the first three of the LK Halloween Flipits, so of course when the rest in the series comes out I'll need to grab them.

Hope everyone is staying warm. Our lovely warmer weather has left, but pushing 60 in February really was to good to last. We've got the snow and cold back. They forecasted only 1-2 inches for our area, but as usual the forecast was slightly off, try at least 6 inches. Oh well, at least the sun is out today, so that's a plus, somehow things always seem better when it is sunny.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

A finish

This week has been one of those where you just feel everything is getting away from you. To feel a little more in control, and to destress a bit, I decided I needed something to do that would give me a finish. While I'm loving Six Bats, it was no where near being able to be a finish. After a bit of stash diving, which picked up my spirits, I decided on a fun SanMan Halloween design. Between playing in my stash, picking a fun Halloween design, and getting it done, I had a productive week. So, no new pictures of Six Bats, that will be back next week. However, here is my first finish of 2009. Fright Night, a SanMan design using good old DMC on 18ct Fiddler's cloth Lt. Oatmeal. The original didn't have the eyes for the bat or the cat face. However, I thought they looked a little to plain with no eyes or face so added them myself. I'm happy with how the bat turned out, but am thinking I should have made the cat's whiskers a bit longer. What do you think?

Sunday, February 01, 2009

81 Halloween squares to go...

81 Halloween squares to go, 81 Halloween squares, get one done, show it around, 80 Halloween squares to go.

It actually fits the song. Strange what you think up when your mind starts to wander (or scary?). Well I started at 81, but now I'm down to 60, which means I'm averaging about 5 a week since I started Jan. 1. This is going quicker than I thought, my original goal of early Oct. should be met well in advance of that date. So, here is my progress for the week. Today is another bright and sunny day, so I could get another decent picture. Well I'm off to run errands while it is nice out for a change. Hope you're all having a nice weekend. While I don't watch the Superbowl, I do like to take advantage of their sales so I may do a bit of shopping too. :)