Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets

Monday, December 29, 2008

Frogs - the good kind

I had a wonderful Christmas, hopefully you all had a great holiday as well. My DD was able to come home unexpectedly for the week. We found out last minute (about a week before Christmas) that she would have enough time off from work that she could get home and back for Christmas. She flew in last week Tuesday and left this morning. It was so great to see her. My parents had enough mileage points on one of their cards that the flight was covered, another nice treat for the holidays. It was so good to see her, and this is the first Christmas in several years that she's been home so we could spend it together as a family.

For Christmas we went to my Brother's house and spent the day there. We had a lovely meal, and they were quite surprised to see DD walk through the door with me and my parents as they didn't know she was coming. I got a number of lovely Christmas presents, among them an awesome floss fob and Biscornu set from my DSIL. She made these for me using a frog theme as I collect them (one, they are cute, and two, if I have friendly frogs around me maybe the nasty ones that make me have to undo my stitching will stay away). Here's what they look like Aren't they adorable? Here is the backside of the Biscornu I love them, and the finishing as always is great. She also got me the flosses on the fob, which are what I'll need for my SAL I'm doing with her that we're starting the first of the year, Six Bats and a Witches Hat for me and Luck, Letters, and Leprechauns for her.

Hopefully you'll all have a safe and fun New Years. I'm planning on staying home, watching a movie, and stitching, what a way to start a year. :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Quick post

Just a quick post before the holidays hit as it occurred to me that -

One - while I mentioned Joyful Summer I'd not posted an update and I did get a little more done. I'm over half way now, so as a finish this one is in site within the next month. No matter how I try I just can't seem to get the lovely soft blue of the fabric to show well in a picture from my camera, it always looks so washed out. So, this is a scanned one, but even then it still doesn't do it justice. The last time I got a good color shot was awhile ago and that was because for a change the sun was shining and I could take it by the window. However, not much sunshine now, so this is as good as it gets. And -

Two - Since I probably won't be posting again till next weekend wanted to wish you all a wonderful holiday season whatever holiday you may be celebrating. I'll be sending Christmas with my parents and my brother and his family.

For a point of reference, this is older, but shows so much more how the colors should look, in reality they are so much more bright and cheery.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I have a Pumpkin :)

I know I said I was planning on working on Joy this last week, but another cutie I have in my stash just jumped out at me when I was doing a bit of organizing. Earlier I'd picked this up and the floss to do it with, so it was all set to go. Added to the appeal, besides it being cute and I was having a bit of startitis from playing in my stash, was the fact it was small. Therefore, should be a relatively quick finish, and the just one more finish I was looking at to meet my one goal for the year noted in my last post. I promptly pulled out the various fabrics in my stash to see what would work, and saw I had some Fiddler Cloth in Lt that seemed perfect. So, here is my new finish - I scanned it rather than trying to get a picture with the questionable lighting today, so the coloring is pretty close. It's done on 18 ct Fiddlers Cloth in light with Fallen Leaves by Crescent Colours. I managed to get my count off somewhere, but by the time I noticed I was pretty far along and didn't want to pull it all back out. Since is so many little motifs, I thought I could fudge it without a problem. I ended up leaving out a tiny heart in one area, and lengthening another just a bit, but I think it balanced out fine and you can't tell that I needed to change it. I'd like to finish it off into a flat fold using some fun fall fabric. We'll see on that one though, as finishing really isn't my strong point. I have a couple finishes from last year that are still waiting on actually getting "finished" so they can be displayed.

With this finish, I have all the finishes completed that I set for a goal for this year (both number and type). The remaining goal for this year, to work on my two large WIP's (or at least one of them), is still open, as I haven't touched either one. However, there is almost two weeks left in the year, and I have some of that off for the Holidays so...... Hmmmm I think I hear a good movie and Flower Dragons calling my name for this evening, I may hit the last of my goals yet.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yarn wreaths and goals

Well, not much stitching going on, to much everything else I guess. By what I've been reading in many of your blogs sounds like a lot of us are to busy to do much stitching/knitting/crafting lately. Or, what is being worked on in a last minute hurry is a present and so pictures can't be posted yet. After Christmas I'll bet there will be lots of beautiful things to see being posted.

One fun item I saw was a yarn ball wreath, yup you read that right a yarn ball wreath. Here's what it looks like (courtesy of JoAnns).

If I was to do it I think I'd change the colors a bit, but overall, a pretty neat idea and so perfect for a crafter.

No projects to show at the moment, but I did do a quick review of my goals for the year. I don't do monthly goals like some of you, I just don't stay that focused and didn't what the pressure. However, did set some more generic yearly goals for myself. Overall I think I've done pretty good.

1) Do one more project than I completed last year.

Almost there, and depending on how you count them, I've actually met this goal. Last year I did 14 total projects, 13 crosstitch and 1 knitting.
So far this year I've done 21 projects, 13 crossstitch and 8 knitting. So I've met it in total, met it in knitting and just need to complete 1 more to meet it in crossstitch. However, I did the LK Doubleflips. The 13 crossstitch is counting that as 1, since I did them all on one piece of fabric. However, they were 6 individual design cards, so if count them that way, I've surpassed my goal. However, with a couple weeks left in the year, I'd really like to try and finish just one more so that I have a "clean" finish on the crossstitch count too.

2) Do at least two large items in the mix.

That I covered too. Most of last years were a lot of small pieces with about 4 midsize ones included. This year I finished CCN Gingerbread Cottage, Waxing Moon's Snow Ho Ho and LK's Doubleflips (especially if count as 1 piece and it was big), as well as completing Creativity, a RR with my DSIL, so have that covered.

3) Do my SAL with my DSIL (this was added later in the year, so not really a start of the year goal). Yup, finished and framed the LK Doubleflips (they just keep turning up don't they, really covering multiple goals).

The last goal was to work on two specific projects. The first is a long term WIP (actually several years old so really a UFO) which was LB's Trick or Treat Mice. While I did get it off the scroll bars and onto Q snaps (so I at least touched it) it didn't get any stitching time. Also, Flower Dragons didn't get touched either.

Oh well, overall I think I did pretty good, and I know I did better than I would have if I hadn't set any goals. Now I need to think what my goals will be for next year.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Stashing and a new SAL

Well during Stitches 'N Things lovely 20% off sale I just had to do my part with helping the economy. Here are the lovelies that I got in the mail

Fat Bat Cat by Victoria Sampler
Quaker Halloweens by The Workbasket
Something Wicked by La-D-Da
and When Witches Go Riding and Pumpkin Patch by Prairie Schooler

The second batch of goodies is

Happy Halloween by Sue Hillis Designs and the full set of Christmas Spirit with Charm series by Lizzie Kate.

I love all of them. Fat Bat is just so cute, and the other Halloween ones are so fun (can you tell I have a weakness for Halloween, LOL). The LK Christmas ones will look so pretty done up too. I've seen several others doing these and really admired them. These will probably wait awhile before get started though, as I'm just a bit tired of words at the moment having just finished the earlier LK Doubleflips one.

In addition, have you seen this one that Lizzie Kate will be starting up soon?
Isn't it great? You know this will be on my must get list.

In addition, since my DSIL and I recently finished our SAL of the LK Doubleflips, our next SAL will be starting the first of the year. For this coming year we'll both be doing designs by Blue Ribbon Designs. The pattern we are each doing is a little different, though the size and style is the same so it still should work well, as we can pace each other with how many boxes we've gotten done. I'll be doing Six Bats and a Witches Hat,
and Kim will be doing Letters, Leprechauns, and Luck

These are going to be fun to work on. We're both kitted up, other than cutting our fabric to size, and ready to go for the first of the year. Well that's all for now, have I managed to enable anyone?