Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets

Sunday, October 26, 2008

And another two

Ok, I'm shallow, I went for the quick finishes again instead of working on one of my larger WIPS. Guess that's what comes from focusing on a larger project for awhile, stitching attention deficit disorder combined with startitis happens and nothing large is even on the horizon at the moment. Good thing my next SAL with my DSIL Kim doesn't start for a while yet.

I've been lazy, and believe it or not still haven't stitched the charms onto the Doubleflips. Somehow it just seems to close to sewing or finishing, so it's just fallen to the wayside. My goal this week is to get the charms on so I can get it in for framing. With only 12 little charms, I really have no excuse.

Now onto the finishes. My first finish was another cat mat for the shelter, this one in blue. The requested size is 20x28. I wasn't paying close enough attention, and it actually came out 20x30, a little larger than planned, but guess they can use it for a cat that is a little larger. :) I also got a little off at the one side, so it isn't as straight and even as I'd like. However, I don't think a kitty will be counting my rows, and with a cute furry cat laying in their cage snuggled on it, hopefully it won't be too noticeable that it is off to anyone else either.
Lynn is who got me started on these, as she makes quite a few, as well as other items for charity. I'm not up to the other items like hats, mittens, and such that she can do, but figured the cat mats were a safe project. I'm so glad I gave them a go, they are so relaxing to work on.

My next finish was Jinx one of the MoonRider series by Just Nan. Kim got me this a design a while ago, and I figured the size would be a perfect quick finish. She also got me the frame, so now all I have to do is pop it together and I'll have a fun one to set out for this Halloween. The pattern came with three designs. Aren't they cute? They finish up at 2x2, so are quite small. I had some small scrap fabric on hand of 32 ct. Belfast which was large enough to do two of these on. I've completed Jinx, and am now trying to decide which of the other two to do. At the moment I'm leaning towards the Ghost, but Jack the pumpkin is cute too. Well I'm off now to catch up on what all everyone else has had going on since last weekend. Cold and rainy here today, so a good day to stay inside. Hope you're all enjoying the weekend.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Two finishes

One smaller finish and one different finish for this week. Work is still slightly crazy, but seems to be settling down some. However, didn't want a project that I had to focus too much on in the evening, and after my larger LK doubleflips wanted to have a finish that occurred just a bit quicker. So after a bit of digging around in my stash I pulled out an older Pine Mountain pillow kit. This is really a beginners kit with its simple design and large count fabric, but I fell in love with it when I first saw it. I think the little ladybug is just so bright and cheery. Unfortunately it isn't to good of a picture, weather and lighting just didn't want to cooperate today.

My next project was a cat mat for the local humane society. Being done in single crochet, except for the double crochet edge, it was also a pretty mindless piece. In size it measures 20x28. A while back I was in Michaels and they had some yarn on clearance. There were a couple of skeins of this in the bin, and at $1 each I couldn't pass them up. Again, weather and lighting didn't cooperate for a good picture, in reality the mat is a bright Christmas red. I think it will look quite festive when the shelter has its holiday open houses. I also picked up some of the yarn in green and blue, so there will be some more of these turning up later. It was fun to do, and I enjoyed knowing I was making something that will help keep an animal warm and comfortable, and look bright and cheerful when people go to the shelter to look around. All my pets have been shelter animals or strays, so it was nice to find another way to help them out.

Thanks for all the complements on Ghouls Night Out, it was a fun piece. Veronica asked if it was done on opalescent fabric, it was. The fabric is a lovely sparkly blue, however it was done to long ago for me to remember exactly what fabric I used. However, I believe it was the recommended fabric for the piece.

Well I'm off to try and get up a bit more Halloween decorations. I have fun decorating for this holiday, however, I have quite a ways to go before I'll be able to catch up with Tammy she's made an awesome start on her decorations this year. If you get a minute, check out her fun decorations and adorable Shephard's Bush pieces.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

And then there were .....NONE :)

Yup, I've got none of the words left to do on the doubleflips. The border even got done this weekend. The only thing I have left to do is stitch on the charms, iron, check one more time for any stray specialty fiber my four footed furry buddies may have decided to donate, and then off to the framers. I am so thrilled with finishing this. It's been a while since I took on a design this size. My DSIL Kim is almost done with hers too. We've been doing this as a SAL. No set day to work on it, just when we had time and wanted too. It is amazing how closely we kept pace given our loose SAL schedule.

Not to much else going on, work is still crazy but hopefully may start to settle down a bit soon. I'm getting some of my Halloween decorations out, so I'll leave you with one of my favorite pieces
Ghouls Night Out by Lizzie Kate This was such a fun stitch, and I loved how it looked on the blue sparkly fabric. The only part I didn't really enjoy was the patent leather fiber used for the one pair of shoes, that was a pain to stitch with

I'm off to do chores, but as it is a beautiful bright and sunny day today, it will be enjoyable to be outside. Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.