Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stitching, stashing and framing

This past week I did get some more stitching in, got some framing back, and got some new stash. So, here is what I've had going on

First is my current progress on the Doubleflips I've just got two and a half words left and then to sew on the charms and I'm done. Looks like I'll have it done by the end of Oct. I'm counting it as six finishes, as it was six pattern leaflets, so it will add a nice amount of finishes to my this year goal.

Next up are my framed pieces I just got back. My Needle and My Floss by Waxing Moon, also known as the traveling pattern, was a delight to do. I really like the frame and mat I found for it. Waxing Moon has another one in a similar style that I want to do as a companion piece. I love the denim mat I found for it, so close to the denim color I used for her dress.

Next up is Schoolgirl lessons by Little House Needleworks. This I really loved doing as the all one color was so relaxing to stitch. I could just sit and stitch and not worry about color changes. The mat is a velvety blue, with I thought looked great with the rich blue I used for the stitching. I used the same frame as with My Needle and My Floss, as I'm going to hang this one in the middle of the two Waxing Moon pieces, so wanted the frames to match.

Finally, Snow Ho Ho by Waxing Moon. The blue and red mats are a velvety type finish, so have their own texture. This one will be such fun to have up come Christmas.

As to stash, I just couldn't resist the new Just Nan one, isn't she great?

I also finally got my copy of the new Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue (guess what I'll be reading this weekend)

And finally, the Reading Threadpack from Little House Needleworks. I think I'll probably be doing this one twice. I ordered some 12ct. tula (which is behind the pattern) to do it on first, so will make it quite a bit larger than normal as I'm going to turn it into a pillow. Later I'll probably do it again as a small piece to frame or as a small tuck pillow or flatfold.

Well that's about it for now. Thank you all so much for your kind comments on Midnight. She was such a sweetie, and she's sure missed. However, I know it was time and I made the right choice. Luckily I have my other fur babies and my stitching. I wonder if the change in season affects animals though, as I've noticed some other bloggers also dealing with the loss of pets currently too, so sad.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Goodbye Midnight

She was a sweetie, and one of the smaller cats I've had at around 7lbs, although her size was deceptive, she had the heart of a lion
While D'artgon and Jaz have been doing better lately, Midnight was getting sick again. We went to the vets, and she had another massive infection going on. At a minimum she'd have been in intensive care again with IV's and such for 3 or so days, and the doctor wasn't sure she could beat it. In about the last six months she's been in and out of the vets often. Once with a nasty infection that kept her in intensive care for 3 days, she got better and came home. Then, she got herniated disks in her back and it took a while to be able to have the meds work to keep her mobile, then she got another infection, which she got over. During all this, the levels showing the kidney's and liver were starting to fail kept increasing. So Thursday night we were back at the vets again with a decision to make. We could have tried to fight it, but we both knew it was just a matter of a short time and she'd be back again. She was tired, and at 14 the kindest thing at that point was to let her go, so I did. She went to her last sleep in my arms. While I'll miss her, I like to think she's having a good time now on the other side of the rainbow bridge. She's probably hanging out and trying to boss Sasha around. Even though Midnight was tiny, she ruled the house and even Sasha at around 120lbs would back down to her.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Time flies

They say time flies when you're having fun, I think it does when you're losing your mind too. I can not believe that it has been almost three weeks since my last post. Work has been quite intense, both time wise and mentally. By the time I get home in the evening, I pretty much take care of what has to be done and then just fall into bed to start over the next day. There's been stuff going on family wise too. So, unfortunately while it has been three weeks, I don't even have much stitching to show for all that time either. The little bit I have had I've spent on my LK doubleflips. I love how all the words look, but I'm getting eager to get it done as well. I so want to see it all finished and framed.

I'm really enjoying my current word, Encourage, the blue is so pretty.
All the furbabies are doing well. D'artagnon's leg continues to heal well and the fur is now growing back. Jaz is on a slightly higher dose of pain meds now for her arthritis, and it seems to be helping, her limp isn't as pronounced. Sorry I haven't visited your blogs lately, hopefully soon I'll be able to catch up a bit.