Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Awards, pictures, and a new start

It's been a while since a I did a mid-week post, but if I wait till this weekend my entry will be a mile long. First off I can't believe I've been nominated by four people for awards lately. I received the from both Dawn and Sachiko

and then I received the
from Noreen and Veronica

I wanted to tell these ladies thank you so much for the awards. I love reading blogs of others, but am constantly surprised that people would enjoy reading mine. Comments are always so welcome, and an award is as they say icing on the cake. However, I really can't narrow down the blogs I read to just a couple, as I love following all your blogs. And, I've noticed most of you have already received one if not both of these awards already. So I hope I won't upset anyone if I don't pass these on to any specific blogs, I want to tell you I'm awarding these to all the blogs in my blog line, as well as those blogs I visit regularly and haven't gotten around to adding yet, and if you haven't received one so far, please consider one awarded to you and post it on your blog.

I've also been experimenting with my Camera. I got an adorable little Blue Fujifilm FinePix Z10fdIsn't it adorable? I still am learning what I'm doing. For example I took quite a few pictures, then couldn't figure out why I couldn't see them. I tried everything. Then...I went back to the directions. Seems that you press once to focus and a second time to actually take the picture. So, looks like I got lots of practice focusing, LOL. Anyway, through trial and error (mainly error so far) I have the following pictures to present.

First off is my Stitch collection, although I forgot to put the Stitch videos in the grouping. The top Stitch is the Stitch on my sweatshirt that I got as a birthday present from my DSIL Kim. Then I have my big Stitch and three smaller Stitches. The tiny Stitch on big Stitch's head is actually a decoration. However, he actually hangs on the side of my stitching basket. Aren't they cute, and they are all such a lovely blue, do you see a pattern here. :) I also have a Tigger collection, hmm guess I'm a kid a heart do you think?

Next up is my newest start Joyful Summer by Country Cottage Needleworks. I'm doing it on 28 ct Little Boy Blue Linen with a combination of Crescent Colours and DMC.
This is what it will look like done Isn't it an awesome piece? I so love the colors, so bright, and fun, :)

Finally I'll leave you with a picture of my invisible cat, Isis Even though she's been living with me a year now (she's actually my DD's cat) she still is such a skittish cat that many times you don't even see her. If she wants attention, it is always on her timetable, don't even try to pick her up. However, she can be a real snuggler on occasion, especially at around 3 in the morning when she's awake and thinks that she'd love to have her head rubbed, so she curls up on my head purring and licking my ear or eyelids. Boy, talk about waking up quick. Needless to say she can't quite figure out why I'm not honored that she is going to let me pet her and looks totally insulted if I push her away so I can roll over and go back to sleep.

Hope you're all having a good week, and this weekend I'll post my finish of My Needle and My Floss. Yup it's done, and I love it.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Almost there and a new toy

Well my entry title and this picture should say it all. I can't wait to finish this and get it framed up, I'm loving how it is turning out. The words have been the biggest challenge so far. First, it took me quite a bit to get the color I wanted figured out, so a bit of stitching and unstitching there, and then the frog came to visit so many times on the counting I couldn't believe it. I can't remember the last pattern I had so much difficulty keeping my counting straight, and it wasn't that difficult. Only thing I can think of I was trying to stitch in the evening when I was tired, not a particularly good combination. If it wasn't for the stitching, frogging, and restitching of the letters, I'd have been done by now. Oh well, with just the bottom to add in, I'll be done by next weekend. So next Sun. is when I'm planning on being able to post my finish, as well as announce who the pattern will be going off to next on its journey.

No pictures of my cute Stitch sweatshirt or any other goodies that require a camera instead of the scanner, as my camera still didn't want to work. I took it to the camera shop, and they said it wasn't the battery (tried a brand new one and nothing), but rather something else that knows there is a battery and a power source. So, getting a new battery would not fix the problem. They also said with the age of the camera, and difficulty getting parts (assuming they could get the part when they figured out what was wrong) etc.. it would probably cost almost as much to fix than just getting a new one, and a new one would have a warranty whereas my old one could have something else go wrong next week and I'd be in the same fix. So...I now have a new toy. They had a cute little Fujifilm FinePix camera on sale. It is supposed to be easy to learn to use, and it came in a beautiful blue. :)
In addition, it takes the same picture card my other camera did, so I didn't need to get a new one of those. However, easy still means I need to learn how to use it, and how to get the pictures off of it and into my computer to upload to show off. So far I've figured out how to get the battery out and charged up in its little charger and back into the camera. Hopefully by next week I'll have figured out a bit more and have some fun pictures to show off.

Well off to catch up on some chores, and then I have a family reunion to go to tomorrow, so won't be able to catch up on your blogs for a couple days, however, I will catch up.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lovely Weekend

A lovely weekend is what I've had so far. Yes we've had plenty of rain, but most of my time has been inside so it hasn't bothered me. I got a little stitching done during the week on My Needle and My Floss, but not much. However, that ended Friday night. My DSIL Kim came up Friday night and stayed till Sat. afternoon. My nephews are spending the weekend with my parents, so Kim came and stayed too for awhile. We were able to get in about 3 hours on Friday night, and then about 5 hours more on Sat. morning before she headed home. Kim made good progress on the LK Doubleflips we are doing as a SAL, and I got quite a bit done on My Needle. This has moved along fairly easily with making color changes until I got to the lettering. I had initially picked out several different shades of variegated blues for the wording that I liked, but each one I'd try, I couldn't get the rt that goes into her dress to stand out. Part of the problem is the dress is such a deep blue. I needed the lettering to be quite light to show up against it, but if I wasn't careful, when the variation changed in other letters, it was so light that it didn't stand out on the cream fabric. I finally decided I needed a totally different color for contrast, and with Kim's help decided on this golden brown (it is one of the DMC variegations). It is nothing like I'd originally envisioned, but I'm liking it more and more as I get more letters done, I think it compliments her well. For the hearts I have two shades of rose picked out, and hopefully those will work when I get to them. Other than two of the white tones used in the stitching fabric, apron, and lace edge of the dress, I've changed all the colors in this, and that has been quite a challenge for me, very much out of my comfort zone. However, I'm glad I've made the attempt, as I still LOVE the blue I used for the dress.

In addition to our stitching, Kim gave me a lovely birthday surprise. I love Stitch (the Disney character) but I've never seen any clothing with Stitch on it. I have several stuffed Stitch's, including a tiny one that hangs on my stitching basket (appropriate don't you think, LOL). My other Disney character I love is Tigger, and have some stuffed ones of him as well as tee shirts/sweatshirt. Somewhere Kim found a website with Disney licensed characters and was able to get a sweatshirt made for me with him on it. It is great, and will be such fun to wear, especially at Camp Stitchalot next year. In addition, she got me the pattern WingDings by Blue Ribbon Designs. So now I have WingDings to go with my Six Bats and a Witch pattern by Blue Ribbon. I still haven't gotten around to getting my camera fixed (I'm such a procrastinator on occasion), but once it is I'll post a picture of my lovely sweatshirt, Stitch is just so cute.

The other fun thing I've done this weekend was on Sat. afternoon I went to see Mama Mia. It was fantastic. I laughed and hummed along with so many of the songs. It is a totally fun movie that I'd enjoy going back and seeing again. I'd seen the stage play last year, and so had an idea of what the movie would be like, and Meryl Streep didn't disappoint, she can really sing.

As a side note, in the picture in my earlier post of the cute raccoon in my tree, Lynn asked me if I'd realized there were two raccoons in the tree. I hadn't. I clicked on the picture to make it a bit bigger, and sure enough, there are two little guys up in that tree. One about a third of the way up on the same tree leaning to the right, and the second (easier to see one) a little over halfway up leaning to the left. The lower one is the one I saw when I was taking the picture with Jaz, I never saw the one further up. No wonder Jaz was so excited, she thought she was going to have two possible playmates, LOL. So if you want a kind of "where's waldo" hunt, go back and see if you can spot the second raccoon in last weeks posting. :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Guess what I got

Yup, the traveling pattern landed at my house. It made pretty good time to, as was coming from Wendy in Canada and she just put it in the mail this past Monday. As you can see, I got started right away. It took me a bit to get it kitted up, as wanted to see the original colors listed and such before changing to colors I planned on using, but I've still been able to make a start. I'm doing it on 34 count Legacy Linen in Devonshire Cream. I haven't worked with this linen before, but had a small piece on hand that I had picked up at some point to have on hand to try that was the perfect size. So far I'm loving it, the holes are easy to see (even easier than the 28 ct lambswool I'm doing the Doubleflips on) and it has a nice feel. The creamy color is easy to work with too, as it went quite nicely with the colors of floss I've picked out so far. I'm using Sampler Threads in Midnight for her dress, which her dress being in blues should be no surprise. I'm going to so enjoy working on this design.

The Doubleflips made good headway this week as well. forgive the wrinkly fabric, I didn't take the time to iron either of them before putting them on the scanner. I'm enjoying the colors and feeling like there are lots of finishes in this, each word is kind of a happy dance. It took my whole scanner this time to get the picture, maybe an inch or so of border could be added before I'm out of room but that's it. My camera needs to get its battery replaced (hopefully it is just the battery) soon or I won't be able to show full shots of the Doubleflips in progress.

Jenn asked where I got the info on putting all the doubleflips together. Lizzie Kate has the info on her website,
It is partway down the page in the January 2008 and December 2007 letter section. Sorry I don't how to make the link to an html work, so you'll have to copy paste.

Doubleflips is being done as a SAL with my DSIL Kim. I may get to see her a bit again next weekend, it will be fun to compare progress again in person. This one won't get as much attention while I'm working on My Needle and Floss. However, Kim will be using the time to either catch up to where I'm at or working on her other project, Bent Creek's Red Thread.

I don't have many wildlife pictures to post like some of you, as I'm in the city so just don't get as much. However, did see this cute little guy in my back yard yesterday. Can you see his little face almost right in the middle? I always take my cell phone with me when I walk Jaz, just in case, so had it with me to take a picture. When we got back from our walk, Jaz scooted into the back and sat under the tree. I couldn't figure out what she was watching at first. However, after looking closer I spotted him. Originally he was further down, but with both Jaz and me there he decided to move up the tree a bit. Isn't he a cutie? Click the picture to see a larger image. He was actually closer than this looks, but between my cell phone giving a feel of more distance due to the way it takes pictures, and his not being very big, he looks further away than he really was.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Another one done and Traveling Pattern win

I've managed to finish up another in the Doubleflip series, so with the completion of Remember, I'm now a quarter of the way done with this fun word series. This is turning out to be such a fun one, and is actually moving along quicker than I thought it would. I spent the day at my brother's today, so my DSIL and I got a fair amount of stitching in, which allowed for a nice start on Give. I'm running a bit ahead of Kim on this, whose my SAL partner, so I'll need to be working on something else soon to give her a chance to catch up. There are several WIP's that haven't seen any attention in a while that I could start or ........

I can start this one when I get it Yup, that's right I won Wendy's drawing to be the next one to get My Needle and My Floss by Waxing Moon. Or, as it is getting to be better known, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pattern. This pattern has been through the hands of several stitchers now, each putting their own unique changes in it to make it theirs. I'm honored to be in the group sharing this link.

If you go to Wendy's blog you can see her finished one, as well as her earlier entry where she shows some of the notes people have left on the pattern as it has been passed around. I don't know how many have stitched it exactly, but I do know that it has been all over the world, showing that the love of stitching really has no borders.

Given that I'll want to get stitching this when I get it, so that I can forward it on to the next individual in the Traveling Pattern chain, this will be my focus piece for a bit. If you want to be included in my drawing to be the next one to get this pattern, please leave me a comment and I'll put your name in the hat. I'll collect names until I get it finished. At that time I'll draw, and the Traveling Pattern will be winging its way to a new home.

Hope everyone is having a fun and safe holiday weekend, now I'm off to catch up on what you've all been doing.