Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Finally he's finished

I don't know where the last two weeks have gone. It seems I haven't been able to get anything done other than what has to be dealt with. I apologize to you all, I'm so far behind on reading and posting on your blogs. It just seems to have been all I can do to put one foot in front of the other lately.

Fortunately Snow Ho Ho was pretty much done except for fill in work on the border, pretty much a no brainer, which is about how my brain has been functioning in the evening lately. So I'd like to present my finish

This design in by Waxing Moon and he's done on 28ct Denim Jobelan. For the most part I followed the pattern, other than using 2 stands instead of the recommended three. Three stands are so difficult for me to get to lay so that I'm happy with them, and it then it gets so that I'm spending more time being frustrated with how my stitching looks than enjoying it, which is not the point at all. Therefore, I went with two strands other than for his nose, cheeks, and eye. These I did with three, partly as I started there thinking I would do the whole pattern in three strands as recommended and then was to lazy to frog it all out when I switched to two strands, and partly as I liked the slightly puffy effect it gives that area compared to the rest of him. Since a snowman would have eyes (or as shown here an eye) of coal, and a carrot nose and such, I think it gives a bit of a hint of 3-D effect he'd have in real life.

While I have a couple new projects kitted, no new start as yet to show. Hopefully I'll have something new soon. Although, I still need to do the pin cushion and finishing on my Necessaire, and I have a couple other WIP's I could (should?) spend some time on as well (Trick or Treat Mice and Flower Dragons come to mind). And hmmmm, seems I have a single sock knitted that at some point would really like to have its mate, and then I could actually wear it.

Thanks for all the continuing well wishes for Midnight. She's still hanging in there. We've been back to the vets a couple of times for fluids and new meds, so are pretty much just taking it one day at a time. There was sun for a bit today, and I did manage to get her to leave the corner in my bedroom she's been spending her time in for a brief time. Actually I moved her and then I think she just didn't want to move back at the moment, but at least she had a bit of something different to look at for a while.She blinked when the flash went off, but I think she looks pretty comfortable at least for the moment.

I'm hoping to get to your blogs soon, but now I'm off to do some laundry, clean cloths for the week would probably be a good thing.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A finish and almost another

I finally have a finish, may I present
Cardinal in Winter Quilt Ornament
Handblessings Patterns
28ct Thyme Jobelan
The actual pattern came with a silver charm. However, since I planned on doing this a couple of times for Christmas ornaments/presents I'd picked up a gold one as well. I had the more gold floss next to me when I went to attach the charm so decided to put the gold one on this one and I'll use the silver one when I do it the next time. The other changes I made were using regular DMC for the snow instead of the perle cotton listed, and I switched the material that was called for. Over all, only minor changes. This was a fun piece, and was a really nice lunch project given its large blocks of color. Now I just need to get organized and actually turn it into an ornament. With this done, I'll need to start another lunch project, what a hardship huh. :)

I've also made some decent progress on Snow Ho Ho. I have the border half way done, so maybe by the end of next weekend I'll have another finish to post. Here's how he looks now.
Surprisingly enough, I'm still enjoying working on the border, it has made for a nice relaxing stitch when I work on it in the evening.

Still haven't finished the Indigo Rose piece, so no pictures of that. However, here are a couple of my furbabies. Isis was "helping" me take pictures. However, that attraction quickly grew old and she now seems to be saying ok now what do we do.

At the moment I'm her only option for entertainment, as the rest of my four footed household was following Bug's lead I was going to try and get pictures of them all, but my moving around was starting to disturb them, and from the look in D'artagon's eyes they really wanted me to stop with the noise and movement. His favorite nap place is the footstool. No pictures of my oldest Midnight, as she was curled up asleep under a desk by a heat vent and I really didn't want to bother her. She's doing about the same, better than when she went to the doctor originally, but still not "normal". She had a check up today and she'd lost a bit more weight, but other than that seemed to be doing ok (at least no fever). She was a little dehydrated, so they gave her some fluids and they started her on a different pain medicine to see if it would help her, which might also get her to eat more. So we'll see how that does.

Actually seeing them all napping on an dreary, overcast and drizzly day like today it looks like a good idea, maybe I'll join them. :)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Progress and Frogs

Not a lot to show this week. I'm stitching, but they just don't seem to be moving along very quickly. However, I'm beginning to think they may all get done about the same time, and then I'll have three finishes to celebrate, not all bad. All pictures are clickable for more detail (especially on my cute frog fob).

I haven't done anymore work on my Indigo Rose piece, which just needs the pincushion to be made and then the finishing. I really need to get back to this one, as it looks so pretty finished up. My DSIL Kim finished hers this past week and I think it looks beautiful. You'll want to hop over to her blog and see how lovely it is. Hopefully mine will look halfway near as good when I'm done, Kim is a lot better at finishing than I am.

It didn't get posted before, so I'll show it off now. At Easter Kim gave me an adorable little frog scissor fob she'd made. She'd made me a little frog tin for my stitching a while ago, so now I have a set. Aren't they adorable? My theory is that if I have cute little decorative frogs around, the real ones that aren't half as cute will want to stay away from my stitching nook. Doesn't always work, but I keep hoping.

My lunch piece, Cardinal, did make a little more progress, the snowflakes in the corners are done, now I just need to do the three little trees in each of the borders. Not sure why the picture turned out so dark this time, it is much lighter in real life. The picture in my last post is much more true to its real colors.
This one may get done by next weekend if the week stays quiet at work and I can get some lunch stitching in.

Snow Ho Ho also got a nice bit started on his border, it is almost a third done now.
I still love this piece, and think it is fun the way they designed it so that it looks like he is winking. It does feel a bit odd though working on a snowman with the nicer weather and sun we are finally having.

Thank you all so much for your well wishes for Midnight. She's doing much better. We still don't know what the problem was, the vet treated her for a number of possibilities and something clicked as she's much improved. She still is moving slowly, as her back and joints seem to still be causing discomfort. However, she's starting to jump short distances again, so hopefully the arthritis medicine we started her on will help with that. So now both Midnight and Jazmine are taking arthritis medicine daily. It isn't fun getting old. My fur babies are Midnight 14, Bug 13, Jazmine 11, D'artagnon 10, and my DD's cat Isis is 2 (guess who the insane one is in the group, LOL). Jazmine and Bug have always been close, but they got closer when we lost Sasha last fall. Here is a picture of the two of them. I tried to catch them when Bug was rolling around and actually cuddling under Jazmine's chin between her front paws. However, by the time I got there with the camera, he'd moved off a bit.

We'll I'm off for errands, which for a change I can do in the sunshine. Hope everyone has a great week.