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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ready Santa's Finished

What a difference a week and some backstitching can make. Although there wasn't a lot left to be done, since I tend to stitch slower than many of you (based on seeing all the lovely finishes you treat me to seeing), I surprised myself and got Ready Santa finished, even the backstitching (which everyone knows how I feel about). However, in this case there really wasn't that much backstitch and most of it was straight outlining so I didn't have much in the way of counting.
The little reindeer really came alive with the backstitch (just check out last week's entry). So... here is my 12th finish for this year -

Ready Santa by San-Man Originals
28 ct. Lavender Sunset Jobelan

The only change I made to the pattern was instead of doing the snowflakes with just one strand of the color called for I used one strand of the color and one strand of Petite Treasure Braid. I like the bit of sparkle it gives it, and they seem almost to look like the round red and green peppermint candies. I first took the picture with my camera, but while you could then enlarge and really see the sparkles in the snowflakes, the color of the fabric was much more blue than lavendar, so I gave up and scanned it in. You can kind of see the sparkles here, but they really show up great in real life.
I only set two stitching goals this year. One was to finish one more project than last year and the other was to have a couple larger finishes in the mix. With finishing Ready Santa I have 12 done. Last year I finished 12 cross stitch projects and one scarf. If I don't count the scarf, I'm now tied with last year and just need one more finish by the end of the year. As to the couple of larger finishes in the mix, that I did with Chocolate Shoppe, Dogs of Duckport, Jack and His Cat Tabletopper, and Winter Welcome. While not large finishes compared to some, compared to my finishes last year which was my goal I actually surpassed my expectations.
I have two WIP's that may be able to be done yet by the end of the year. The first is Gingerbread House and the second is Garfield. All that is left on Garfield is some backstitch (why does that always seem to be what snags me up, LOL). So if I sit and work on him he could probably be done in two evenings. Gingerbread would take a bit longer, and be a little more on the iffy side for finishing this year. So I think I'll focus on Garfield so that I have my last finish and then go back to Gingerbread. If they both get done, great. If not, I'll hit my goal this year and have a lovely first finish for 2008.
I'm off now to finish the last of my Christmas stuff up, I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas eve. Here is wishing you all a safe and Very Merry Christmas.


  • At 5:50 PM , Blogger Concetta said...

    RS is adorable Sue, congratulations!!

    Wishing you a happy Christmas!

  • At 7:24 PM , Blogger Pumpkin said...

    I LOVE HIM! He is so cute :o) I can see what you mean about the snowflakes and the effect is just perfect!

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and safe and Happy New Year Sue! All the best in 2008 :o)

  • At 10:32 PM , Blogger claudia said...

    That is just the cutest! And those snowflakes really do look like peppermint candies!
    Thank you for the kind comment on my blog. I have an awful feeling that this is one of those coughs that will be with me a while. Oh well, what can I do?
    I think my room will take quite a while. I made a list of stuff that needed to be done, kind of in order of when it needs to get done, then realized I had forgotten some big things. I also have to wait for money to be available. Luckily, I work in a hardware store and get discounts, that will make it a little more pallatable (sp???)
    I hope you have the most joyous of Christmases. Happy New Year too, if I don't see you before then!

  • At 11:54 PM , Blogger tkdchick said...

    Congrats on your little finish! He's cute!

  • At 12:06 AM , Blogger DaisyGirl said...

    That's great that you got so many projects completed! Hurray for you!
    Merry Christmas!

  • At 12:18 AM , Blogger Ari_1965 said...

    Very cute.

  • At 12:47 AM , Blogger Carol said...

    Great finish Sue!! Merry Christmas!

  • At 12:59 AM , Blogger Sharon said...

    He is too adorable! Congrats on the finish. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  • At 1:00 AM , Blogger said...

    He's such a cutie, and I can see the sparkle from here... ;o)... Merry Christmas!!!

  • At 5:02 AM , Blogger Cheryl said...

    Such a cute finish! Congrats! Im going to do such a big Happy Dance with you when Garfield is finished!! You can do it!!
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Sue

  • At 9:08 AM , Blogger The Silver Thistle said...

    Hurrah for 'almost' meeting your goal!! And another finish. Go you!

    You MUST finish Garfield. I'll just die if I don't see his little eyes all backstitched by the end of the year, lol.

    I've been looking forward to seeing how cute he turns out.

  • At 10:08 AM , Blogger Sally said...

    Cute finish Sue! He is lovely.

    Have wonderful Christmas!

  • At 12:32 PM , Blogger Chiara said...

    Hi sue I wish you a Merry Christmas with your family!!

  • At 12:59 PM , Blogger Dawn B. said...

    Wow !!! Love him

  • At 1:24 AM , Blogger Sachiko said...

    He is so cute!!

    ****Merry Christmas****
    from Japan

  • At 4:16 PM , Blogger Lynn said...

    PERFECT timing to get him done!! He is adorable! I can see the sparkles too. Yes it DOES look like Brach's candies!! And good job in reaching your goal. I've loved seeing all the progress shots along the way.

    And I'm here to encourage you abt Garfield. I would LOVE to see him finished by 2008.

  • At 4:28 PM , Blogger Chiasmata said...

    Congrats on the finish! He's a real cutie. You've achieved some great goals this year, and I've enjoying watching your finishes. :)

  • At 9:30 AM , Blogger Lynn said...

    He is just too cute Sue! I love it!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you have a super holiday!

  • At 12:00 PM , Blogger Ranae said...

    Aww! He's so cute.
    Happy Holidays!!

  • At 8:27 PM , Blogger Meari said...

    Your reindeer is soooo cute!

  • At 9:07 PM , Blogger Anita said...

    This one is so cute. Have a happy new year.

  • At 7:33 PM , Blogger Dawn said...

    Oh he is so cute!


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