Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets

Sunday, December 30, 2007

May I present - Garfield :)

I'd like to show off (and yes I'm doing a major happy dance) my 13th finish of this year -

He's finally done. Garfield was a Dimensions kit done on plastic canvas. I'm still planning on making him into a magnet for my refrigerator. While I'm not big into finishing projects, finishing on this should be easy even for me. All I need to do is put a bit of felt on the back, trim the edges of the plastic canvas and then glue a strip magnet to the back and I'm done. This poor little guy has been a WIP forever it seems due to his backstitching, but boy did it make a difference.

Actually the last two days have been very productive for me, as I also finished off my knitted dishcloth. This took me forever to photograph so that the frog design would stand out enough to even be seen, even after all that it is still hard. He should look like he is crawling upwards towards the left side.

This was the frog pattern from the booklet Garden Dishcloths. The example was done with a solid green yarn, so the pattern stood out better. However, the store near me didn't have a dark green, only a very bright (almost florescent) lime green color that I really didn't like for it. I loved this color yarn with the flecks of color. However, the speckles of color compete with the design and make it hard to see. Here is what it should have looked like (bottom right photo) I have a deeper green now, so may try again. Although the red one with the ladybug looks like it would be fun, and there's also a really sweet butterfly and sunflower pattern I liked also.

Well it is almost the new year, and a review of what my goals were for the year and what I got done shows I did pretty good.

Goal 1 - Complete one more project than last year
Last year I had 12 stitched and 1 knitted finishes, this year I had 13 stitched and 1 knitted so I met goal 1

Goal 2 - Have a couple more larger items in the completed projects
Since most of last year's finishes were card size or tuck pillow size I did well on this. While I didn't have any large size finishes like a Mirabilia, compared to last year's sizes I did complete several larger projects: Chocolate Shoppe, Winter Welcome, Jack and His Cat Tabletopper, and Dogs of Duckport.

I had one more sort of goal (not a real solid goal like the ones above), which was to work on Trick or Treat Mice by Lori Birmingham. This has been a WIP (although a UFO probably is more accurate) for several years. While I did take it off the old scroll frame it was on (that I disliked working with) and put it on Q-Snaps (which I love), that was all the attention it got.

So, my goals for 2008 are -

1) Finish 1 more project than in 2007 (so would be 15 projects)

2) Have at least 2 slightly larger project finishes in the mix (so all don't end up being card or tuck pillow size)

3) Actually do some work on Trick or Treat Mice

4) Work on Flower Dragons by Clear Star Designs (which is for my DD)

Hopefully I'll do as well next year as this past year. Gingerbread House is coming along well, I have the house and both side trees done now. I still have a few days off for the holidays, so it will get some more stitching time in. While it won't be done before year end, I'm optimistic that it will be done by Jan. 15th, the end of the SAL. I'll put an updated picture of it in my next post.

If I don't get another post in before the 1st of the year, I hope you all have a fun and safe New Year's Eve and a Happy New Year .

Friday, December 28, 2007

Snow Dog

I've mentioned before that Jazmine loves snow (and Sasha used to even more than Jaz), and that she loves to roll in it making kind of doggy snow angels all over. We had some snow about a week ago, but then it melted off. However, this morning we started getting some more. We are forecasted for several inches. These pictures were after only an hour or so, so the snow amount was still fairly low, however, you can see how much my crazy dog loves snow -

Wonderful snow, I'm so happy

Ok, lets get comfortable and then


and roll some more

Like my snow dog angel?

Just a couple more snow shots for those of you that might be missing it

This was taken during a brief lull when it had stopped and I'd thought maybe that would be it. However, it is now showing so heavy again I can hardly see the end of my street.

No stitchy pictures this time. However, I did put almost two hours into Garfield, and his backstitch is almost done. So instead of posting him now, with any luck my next post will have a finish. Given how long poor Garfield has been hanging around just waiting on the backstitch, this one will be a nice finish to end the year on.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ready Santa's Finished

What a difference a week and some backstitching can make. Although there wasn't a lot left to be done, since I tend to stitch slower than many of you (based on seeing all the lovely finishes you treat me to seeing), I surprised myself and got Ready Santa finished, even the backstitching (which everyone knows how I feel about). However, in this case there really wasn't that much backstitch and most of it was straight outlining so I didn't have much in the way of counting.
The little reindeer really came alive with the backstitch (just check out last week's entry). So... here is my 12th finish for this year -

Ready Santa by San-Man Originals
28 ct. Lavender Sunset Jobelan

The only change I made to the pattern was instead of doing the snowflakes with just one strand of the color called for I used one strand of the color and one strand of Petite Treasure Braid. I like the bit of sparkle it gives it, and they seem almost to look like the round red and green peppermint candies. I first took the picture with my camera, but while you could then enlarge and really see the sparkles in the snowflakes, the color of the fabric was much more blue than lavendar, so I gave up and scanned it in. You can kind of see the sparkles here, but they really show up great in real life.
I only set two stitching goals this year. One was to finish one more project than last year and the other was to have a couple larger finishes in the mix. With finishing Ready Santa I have 12 done. Last year I finished 12 cross stitch projects and one scarf. If I don't count the scarf, I'm now tied with last year and just need one more finish by the end of the year. As to the couple of larger finishes in the mix, that I did with Chocolate Shoppe, Dogs of Duckport, Jack and His Cat Tabletopper, and Winter Welcome. While not large finishes compared to some, compared to my finishes last year which was my goal I actually surpassed my expectations.
I have two WIP's that may be able to be done yet by the end of the year. The first is Gingerbread House and the second is Garfield. All that is left on Garfield is some backstitch (why does that always seem to be what snags me up, LOL). So if I sit and work on him he could probably be done in two evenings. Gingerbread would take a bit longer, and be a little more on the iffy side for finishing this year. So I think I'll focus on Garfield so that I have my last finish and then go back to Gingerbread. If they both get done, great. If not, I'll hit my goal this year and have a lovely first finish for 2008.
I'm off now to finish the last of my Christmas stuff up, I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas eve. Here is wishing you all a safe and Very Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ready Santa and Jaz and Santa

I haven't made enough progress on Gingerbread House to post a picture yet, but I have made some headway on Ready Santa.

This little guy has been such fun. I had time off at Thanksgiving and will also have time off at Christmas, so have been working more to catch up or get ahead for the two holidays. Therefore, I've been quite tired in the evenings and wanted something that was easy to stitch. This little guy with his large spots of color hardly needed any counting, and I could just load a needle and stitch along without having to change colors much, very nice. I still need to add his antlers, then do his eyes and some backstitch. There isn't a lot of backstitch needed (which is nice as I hate backstitch), but it is pretty straight forward on this and boy will it make him pop. At least now you can see though why I said he was going to be chubby little reindeer, LOL.

We've had snow here since last night. I've cleaned the drive and walk out once already, and really need to go out again. However, since is still snowing I hate to go out to soon as will still need to do more later. Hopefully it stops later today so that things can be cleaned up before every ones commute to work tomorrow. All in all though we've been very lucky here as didn't get the ice storm so many others had, and we only have about a foot of snow projected for our area instead of the much larger levels others are getting. Hope you're all staying warm.

And to end on a holiday note, here is Jazmine with her visit to Santa.

I was so proud of her. We went with Sadie (the golden retriever she has been having play dates with) and she didn't stress out to much at all. She didn't even piddle on Santa's boots, for which I'm sure he was grateful, LOL.

Saturday, December 08, 2007


I just got back from a four day trip to Nashville, TN and had a great time. I'd never been before and I had a chance to go with a tour so they took care of all the driving, tickets for shows, and everything else for us. Basically all I had to do was get myself packed and onto the bus.
We stayed at the Opryland Hotel and it was gorgeous. It's like three big hotels all hooked together with beautiful indoor courtyards, stores, restaurants, walking paths and much more. It is all under a huge roof, I've never seen anything like it. I didn't take a camera with me, but here are a couple of pictures of it I took with my phone (all pictures are clickable). All the below are inside the building, you never have to step outside (except for the one of the lights on trees).

Balconies and courtyard of one of the sections

Courtyard and decorations in one of the sections

The Delta section and the quarter mile long lagoon that runs through it. You can even take a flat bottom boat ride on the lagoon (boat is kind of hard to see here, it's toward the back of the piece of river shown). I can't believe this is all still inside the same building

One of the outside entries with the lights

One of the indoor restaurants and its view

One of the indoor waterfalls

Isn't it amazing? We also saw the Grand Ole Opry, the Pam Tillis Christmas Show, rode on the General Jackson Steamboat, saw Christmas with the Rockettes, and had a tour of downtown Nashville. We spent most of Mon. on the bus going there and Thurs. on the bus coming back, so had Mon. night, Tues. and Wed. to do things. As you can tell we kept pretty busy. I'd like to go back again sometime if I had a little longer stay as there was quite a bit we didn't get a chance to see.

As to stitching, not as much has gotten done as I'd like, but I have made some more progress on GingerBread House and started a second project.

I've finished the one tree and added a bit more to the house.

My new start is a SanMan design with a cute chunky reindeer. Unfortunately at this point all I have is the bottom half of his head with his nose and the start of the top of his shoulder. I'm doing this one on 28ct. Lavender Sunset Jobelan. It's a smaller one, with just the reindeer and the saying Ready Santa and some snowflakes, so it may get done by Christmas.