Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dogs and Cats

Today has been damp and cold, a perfect day for me to post a picture of my almost done scarf that I've been knitting. I've got it all done now except for the fringe on the bottom edges. This will be for my DD in Colorado for a Christmas present. I posted a picture of it a while ago, or at least what I could fit on my scanner (under the entry mysteries and cat assistance). However, even though it is done, since all I have is a scanner you wouldn't be able to tell a difference, so I won't scan it in again. If I can figure out how to use the digital camera I was given I'll try and get a picture of it. I'll have my giant stuffed tigger model it. :)

Haven't gotten alot of stitching done lately, busy at work and other things of life that keep taking up my time. However, I have gotten a little bit of the backstitch on my Garfield project done, I'm going to turn this into a magnet. The saying at the top will be I'll Rise but I won't Shine. Perfect to go on my fridge in the kitchen as I am so not a morning person (especially until I get my caffine fix).

The other one I've gotten a little more done on is my Dogs of Duckport project.

This one doesn't move along very quickly as it is my car project and only gets worked on in small amounts of time when I have a little time available at lunch and such. Oh well, little bits do add up and eventually it will get done. I love the dogs faces in this. One of these days I'll get a picture posted of my two dogs so you can see how similar the large one in the middle is to my older dog Sasha. While this dog is white and Sasha is black, Sasha has the same goofy grin, and since is a Retriever/NewFoundland mix (130 lbs) she is just as big.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Teddy's Done :)

Ok, in my last post I mentioned how much I hate backstitch, and that I hoped my poor little teddy wouldn't end up lost in the WIP or UFO pile as all he really had left was the backstitch. However, as numerous projects of mine have gone that route for just that reason, I wasn't overly confident that he would escape that end. Well Lynn suggested (or should I say challenged) me to do just one strand a night. Since Teddy was so small she said just one strand a night and she bet he'd be done by Dec. 1. So, two nights ago the Country Music Awards were on, since I was going to watch them, I decided to do the 1 stand before I started another more fun project.

I think I may have found part of my solution to backstitching. I can't just do backstitch, it drives me nuts and I can't sit still. However, if I put on a movie, I want to pay attention to the movie, as I don't like backstitch and so it doesn't have the regular attraction for me so that I can watch and stitch. It would appear that music shows are different for me. There is enough of a distraction going on that I'm not solely focused on the backstitch, but not enough going on that I mind being distracted by something else. The awards were perfect for backstitching. I worked on Teddy through the whole awards show and made good headway, in fact I almost finished. So... last night we had some of the election results on TV that I wanted to see for a bit. Again, enough to distract me from the backstitch but not enough to watch to make me not want to do the backstitch. The result of the two nights of TV -- Teddy's done!!!

Now all I have to do is put him in the mat and frame that came with the kit (picture in an earlier entry) and he'll be all finished.

While I don't think I'll ever like backstitch, I think I may have stumbled on a way to make it at least a little more tolerable. There aren't any more music shows coming up, and the election is over now, however, I do have one music DVD (Celtic Women) that I could try another project that needs backstitch on. Even though I know I won't do it often, slowly I may finish up some of my projects that need this, or even prevent a future project from sliding into a WIP or UFO by doing a little backstitch as I go.

So Lynn, thanks for suggesting the one strand idea that got me to pick it up on the perfect night to give it a try, and resulted in me actually finishing Teddy up, your timing was perfect.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Teddy almost done :)

Well I don't have my stash listing from stitching weekend to post just yet, as I'm really hoping to be able to post some pictures of some of it. My folks recently got a new digital camera, so they gave me their old one. Which means, finally I'll be able to post items that don't work on my scanner. Previously unless I got one of the disposable cameras to take a picture (where the quality many times did not work well) I couldn't post anything that didn't lay flat. Once I figure out how to work the camera, I can make a grouping of my patterns, fibers, fabric, etc... to show off. However, did want to post the headway I've made on the Teddy from the dimensions kit. He's almost done now except for the tiny bit on his one paw and the backstitching. I really like how he's turning out,

I'll have his paw done this evening, then hopefully he doesn't get stuck in the UFO pile due to the backstitching. I really don't like backstitch. I know it makes the design pop, and it adds so much. However, somehow having to sit still and do backstitch always makes me so twitchy I can't hardly sit still. I really need to make myself try to do some as I go along. Not only will it add to the picture, but if I do it in small pieces maybe it won't drive me so nuts, at least I won't have a ton of it to do at the end of my projects.

Dragon thanks for the link to Tom Mouse, he is so cute.
Myrna, to bad you couldn't drive over for the stitching weekend, it would have been fun to see you.
Bliss, we do have very similar tastes, several of your projects I've either done, have as a WIP, or are in my stash. :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Wow, I don't know where the time has gone. So much has been going on, I'm going to need a couple of entries to catch up. I went to the stitching weekend and had a wonderful time and got a lot of stash. Since my last post my brother was also ordained and gave his first serman in his new church. Also, I now have DSL so I can get around much quicker than with my old dial-up. However, learning any new system does not seem to come easily to me, so I'm still working on the ins and outs of my new ATT/Yahoo system.

I'll start with my stitching weekend, and then catch up other items in the next post. I had a great time. Kim and I got there about 5pm on Friday and as soon as we dropped our stuff in our room immediately started stitching. Quite a few people were already there, so after getting a little done on our current projects we went wandering to see what everyone else was working on. There were so many great projects to see and admire, and several made it onto my wish list.

After wandering for a bit, we settled into stitching for the evening. I was working on Snow Ho Ho and Kim is working on "Sea Heart"
  • SeaHeart

  • which is turning out lovely.

    I managed to make a fair bit of headway on Snow Ho Ho over the weekend, here is what I have done so far.

    I also worked on a tabletopper by Dutch Treat, Jack and His Cats. I haven't gotten much done on this yet that would make it identifiable, so I'll wait to post a picture till I get a little more done. I'm doing it on lilac colored Anne Cloth and it is really pretty.

    Kim and I stayed up until almost midnight stitching and talking before we had to call it quits for the night and crash. The next day we not only got to stitch, we also visited Deb's shop and added to our stash, and also hit the fabric store. I found a couple of great pieces of fabric that I couldn't pass up. I don't really sew, but know a couple of people who do so I'll keep the fabric on hand till I need a pillow or something made.

    After our stash run, it was back to more stitching, chatting, and looking at what everyone else was doing. Jean from WV was working on a beautiful piece by Passione Ricamo, she always does such lovely, detailed pieces with beads and all kinds of specialty fibers. Deb had the online needlework shop going on her computer, so we got to see all the great new stuff featured there as well. I found a couple of new ones I wanted, but I'll list those in my Camp Stash entry. Jean found the Sistine Chapel piece and promptly fell in love. She has already ordered and received the pattern and fabric and started. It is amazing how fast she stitches, I'm looking forward to seeing how much of it she has done by our stitching camp in March. Kim and I managed to stay up until almost midnight again (quite an accomplishment as I'm usually in bed by 9:30 as I get up so early).

    Sunday morning rolled around and time to leave came way to quickly. I really didn't want to head back to the real world, stitching world was so much more fun. Oh well, camp stitchalot will be coming up in March.

    Well, enough for now, I'll post all about my stash and my stitching weekend goody bag that Deb gave each of us in my next entry.