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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Blogger Gremlins and Snow Ho Ho

Help, I think I some of the computer gremlins that were visiting Lynn come over to my place. I changed my blog templete to be blue instead of the previous Rose color that it originally was. When I did it, the system said I would lose any of my previous formatting. I figured that was ok, as I hadn't really figured out how to do much anyway, just post the links to 3 other blogs, which I could redo. However, when I got on this morning, my blog's blue like I wanted, but now my profile is at the bottom of the blog, way below my entries. If you don't scroll down to see the older entries, you won't even know I have a profile. I don't see a way to put the profile back up at the top, does anyone know how to move the side profile up to the top again?

On a stitching note, I decided to work some more on Snow Ho Ho by Waxing Moon. Dogs was calling to me too, but that seems to be working well as a travel project, and Snow Ho Ho with the darker fabric and higher count is something I really need to work on at home with better light and my magnifier close at hand. I'm having fun with this little guy as he is so chubby and cute, and I may actually get him finished before winter/Christmas hits this year.

Here is a picture of what he'll look like when I get him done. The fabric he is on is a denim blue Jobelen, and has a great feel to it.

It is another overcast, chilly day here, perfect for staying indoors and stitching. What is everyone else working on?


  • At 10:28 PM , Blogger Lynn said...

    He is going to be adorable once he's done!!

  • At 10:53 AM , Blogger Chiara said...

    Great progress I like very much the fabric you have choosen it's perfect!! I'm itching to see the end result!!

  • At 7:54 PM , Blogger Stitch or no stitch said...

    Welcome to the wonderful world of bloggings stitchers. It's such a great community.
    The pieces you're working on are so pretty. Love 'Snow Ho Ho's fabric'
    I'll add your blog to my side-bar & come back soon.
    P.S. Have visited Michigan many times - beautiful!!

  • At 4:21 PM , Blogger Lili said...

    This is a great start!!! How happy I am to see all this! The snow-ho-ho project is a pleasure to see and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow!
    Read you soon!


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